Pixie Magic ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Pixie dust and shiny wings

they do all sorts of magical things

they move so quick since they’re very small

they never fall

Living in the forest so grand

protecting all the land

flying all over with such a knack

to the edge of the forest and back

zipping around so fast

never a shadow is cast

loving the light

and everything bright

a pixie is free

to be

out of sight

of Β humans sometimes

it’s what they choose

so no one can lose

they keep all things

and use their wings

to keep everyone safe and fine

while all stays in a beautiful rhyme

The pixies sing …
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10 thoughts on “Pixie Magic ~ by Autumn Sunshine

  1. The principal difference
    between a pixie and me
    is I have to open my fly
    before ‘watering’ a tree.

    Oh, and of course
    they can sing whilst
    doing it, and fly away
    ‘fore anyone can see!


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