Learning to Fly ~Autumn Sunshine

Learning to fly

so high in the sky

a pegasus baby and her Mom try

to stay on track

and not turn back

to the land right now

learning is fun and somehow

they fly above the clouds so high

it’s so much fun to see what they can spy

Oh look it’s a unicorn on the ground below

we see them since we’re flying slow

A slow turn

and so much to learn

baby Pegasus tilts her wings

and wishes she could sing

Oops her Mommy says, let’s so this way

it’s been a rather silly day

I’d rather play

so we zoom to the ground

without a sound …


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14 thoughts on “Learning to Fly ~Autumn Sunshine

  1. Oh how amazing this one is! I love flight, learning and the beautiful creatures of lore. Breath taking post Autumn thank you for writing it! Blessings of joy and abundance to you my friend.-watw

    • I’m so happy you like this one 🙂 I just loved the pic of the Mom and baby flying 🙂 With the magic and all, it’s just fun to learn more, I think so too. You have a good weekend!! hugs, Autumn

  2. I absolutely love your imagination and free spirit. They say as you grow older, peoples imaginations start to fade, but you really know how to keep it alive my twinnie friend 😀

    • I am glad you are reading the magic 🙂 It’s true our imaginations can fade, but I would rather keep my alive and strong 🙂 I started writing kids stories when my daughter was very young, which makes me young always. TY to you for reading and the nice comments my twinnie friend!!

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