Let’s Talk Tattoos! ~ By Gabby Angel

This is quite the subject,  and why I am writing about tattoos?  It was just a simple chat Autumn and I  recently had about tattoos. Who we knew that had gotten a new one, how unique and unusual some of them are. You know, that sort of thing. This is kind of strange, this tattoo stuff… Why, you ask? Because I don’t have any! Guess who does just happen to have 3 of them? Yes, that would happen to be Autumn…The twinnie has 3 very lovely and tasteful tattoos. With her permission, I will reveal what those said tattoos are…Ready?
I sure wish I could make a game of this and make everyone guess, then round up the winner! Well, the twinnie says only one post about her tattoos so I guess it’s time to give the news of what they are. No time for stalling, right? Sorry, I love the suspense of it all and can’t seem to help myself. Drag it out awhile, make you all wait…But that just isn’t very nice, is it? OK, here we go for real…I mean it this time!
Tattoo #1 A Sunshine on her left shoulder, Tattoo #2 Moon and Stars on the right shoulder and #3 Tattoo A rose on her right wrist. Would anyone have guessed those answers? If not, what would your guesses have been? Go ahead, you can tell us Autumn doesn’t mind!
Well, that leads me to myself…Why don’t I have any tattoos? This may sound mighty strange, but I will tell you all why. I am scared of the permanance of one, I tried the temporary ones and they were OK… Because I could remove them myself quite easily! I was tempted to get a henna one, they wear off… But I just couldn’t trust it. A real permanent one may just send me over the edge, so it’s best not to have one. After all, laser surgery is pretty pricey isn’t it? I wanted an angel on my shoulder, but I just couldn’t do it.
Now, it’s time for a question for all of you! Who among you kind readers has a tattoo or tattoos? Some of you may have more, of course. Who is willing to share? Autumn and I are curious, now that we’ve revealed what hers are. If you don’t have any tattoos and never would get one, would you like to share your answer why? It sounds like fun, but if it’s too personal we do understand. You know how we twinnies are, we go with the flow! 🙂 🙂

30 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tattoos! ~ By Gabby Angel

  1. Now I’m anxious to see what everyone thinks 🙂 I still have no regrets about my tattoos, and it’s been 15 years since I got them 🙂 It’s one’s personal choice I say! TF ❤ = Twins Forever

    • It really is a personal choice, I agree! The tattoos do fit your personality as PJ said twinnie! I am anxious to find out about other kind readers and if they have tattoos and what they are. 🙂 TF ❤

    • The angels wings with your brother’s name would be nice to honor him and all. I am so sorry you lost him PJ. Please take care, I know you are in the hospital and so brave of you posting and commenting. Praying you are out of there very soon!! 🙂

  2. I love those tatts. My Hubby has 2 of his own, one on each arm, (I’m too chicken but I’ve often thought of what I’d like to have). I especially like the Sunburst Star because, well, OUCH! Kudos to Autumn for having the coconuts to withstand the sacrifice for the living wall of art. I also like the “cosmic” ballance of her choices, the sun and the moon and the stars and the rose that symbolizes Love. Poetry, living poetry. Great one post about sissy tatts.(not to be confused with putty tats..those are difrnt.)LOL..Blessing to you Both.-watw

    • I know Autumn was very brave, it was important for her to get these tattoos though. I agree with the cosmic balance of her choices, too! The rose one is just beautiful also. 🙂 That is nice your busband has tattoos, I can’t believe you are a chicken though. Maybe someday you may want one, we just never know. Lol about putty tats! 😉 That was a good one, happy your sense of humor is always with you! 🙂 Blessing to you, too watw! 🙂

  3. I think I like temporary ones because my personality is such that I avoid pain hence no pens poking me lol and also I get bored of the design after a while. I like the air brush ones. they are nice and last for a week (if done well) and the slap me a high five ones lol. 😀 I’ve had an eagle on my shoulder once when I was 13 and my grandma freaked out and thought it was real lol. Whoa, did I get an earful out of her. It was just difficult trying to explain to her that it’s fake when the tattoo wouldn’t rub off and stayed on for a good 2 weeks, LOL. Lesson learned. I’ve had a heart on my wrist and I absolutely loved it but when I go to work…well…it’s a conservative atmosphere in a legal office so I’m really happy I can at least get away with painted nails and hair color. Keepin’ my individuality alive I say 😀

    • I know, those temporary ones are just all I would ever do, too. It isn’t the pain as much as the not being able to take it off for me. Maybe you have a point, it’s the boredom thing. Your poor Grandma with the eagle on your shoulder temporary tattoo! Well, you got an earful, so it was a lesson learned, wasn’t it? In your kind of office that wouldn’t go over well, would it? I love the nail polish, too Nightshade because it’s so much fun with some of the colors! 🙂 Lol, I am with you we need to keep our individuality alive! 🙂

    • Don’t give the surprise away! I would never be offended about you writing on the same topic Lori, I will be looking forward to this post! Now you’ve got me in suspense! 🙂

  4. Here is my take on tattoos who ever gets even one should be awarded and getting three!! omg Autumn you are defintely a top contender for The Knight Award…..they are beautiful tattoos no doubt but does it hurt?? I mean the needles n all..
    lot of my friends wear beautiful tattoos I even mustered courage to give it a try get a teeny tiny one but one look at the needles and sounds and i fled the scene..

    • Hi Soma, it’s Autumn to answer this 🙂 I don’t think the tattoos hurt that much, to me the worst part if the healing, it itches and you can’t scratch the tattoo. It’s a tattoo gun, I just didn’t look at it 🙂 I can’t stand getting blood work so to me, I’d rather get a tattoo, the sound is just worse than it feels. I promised my fiance no more tattoos, but I really did want one more or maybe two. He doesn’t want me to have any more pain. I told him there wasn’t much. Anyway, they don’t hurt all that much, for real.

  5. I have long considered one on my skin, but as an artist I generally only like my ideas for short amounts of time, so permanent ink deters me. I have indulged in Henna, and I am currently wearing a tattoo on my heart, which is enough for me at the moment

    • Being an artist that makes perfect sense, you wouldn’t want a permanent one. The henna ones are a nice idea and wearing one on your heart is a good statement. Thank you so much for reading and also leaving your thoughts. 🙂

  6. Liked your writing on tattoos. I think they seem to be too permanent for me, too, and that is why I never got one. I have worn the “fake” tattoos just for fun, but I just don’t think I could settle for a tattoo. However, I do think it is very touching and moving when someone gets a tattoo in honor of losing a loved one, though. Nice your sister has some pretty tattoos. I looked up on Youtube recently about “Sharpie” marker tattoos. Some looked pretty real. 🙂 Take care. Sincerely, Connie

    • Thank you Connie for liking this post about tattoos. You sound kind of like me, just not sure about wanting one you could settle on. I like the idea of a tatto to honor a loved one, I had thought of having something for Dave with an angel. You never know, I could still have it done someday. Autumn’s tatoos are quite lovely, she made up her mind and got them done! You take care, too Connie! Hugs, Gabby

  7. I have 3 – a fire breathing dragon, a red shedevil sitting on a lucky clover, and a heart with wings surrounded by barbed wire – don’t regret them at all and actually have plans for a few more when I have the money to do them 🙂

  8. Gabby, I’m with you in that the permanence and pain deter me! I have had hennas before and will again.~:) I love Autumns, tattoos, though, and they fit her personality, magical and beautiful~ 🙂

    • I am glad to hear that I’m not alone Lauren. It isn’t the pain as much as the permanence that stops me. Unless Autumn wasn’t telling the whole truth that it doesn’t hurt that much. I should get a henna, I am so weird not to trust them. Autumn’s tattoos really do totally fit her personality I know and she did choose wisely! 🙂

        • That is my other point exactly, too! What if we suddenly hated the tattoos we got? Autumn says it doen’t happen, that you live with the tattoos so long they become part of you. They just may be and I love Autumn dearly, but I am just not willing to chance it! 🙂

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