Pasta Comes in All Shapes and Sizes, What’s Your Fave? by Gabby Angel

I know, what a weird question for me to be pondering on. These are the random thoughts that go through my mind. I never seem to run out of those thoughts it seems. Does anyone else get these thoughts? Would anyone care to leave their opinion, thoughts and all? Come on, let’s talk pasta! As usual inquiring twinnies are wanting to know your favorite pasta shape.

There are so many different shapes of pasta…The possibilities are endless. What got me pondering and wondering was making dinner earlier. My dinner was angel hair pasta with a tomato sauce laced with lots of mushrooms. Angel hair pasta’s real Italian name is capellini and does mean literally angel hair, isn’t that interesting? Angel hair is one of my favorite shapes of pasta, being half Italian Autumn and I were raised on pasta. 🙂 Not that this makes either of us experts, but our favorite shapes are pretty much the same. It may be a “twin thing”, but we both adore angel hair pasta.

So many choices, and no we don’t make our own pasta from scratch anymore by the way. I know, shame on us 😉 Other favorite shapes of pasta, let me just name a few. Lasagna, that’s always fun (and we both make a regular version and also a vegetarian version), spagetti (naturally since that is an original), farfalle (which in Italian means butterfly) the bow tie shaped pasta.

One of our Dad‘s favorite recipe he created was made with farfalle. Sorry to say, it’s a family secret so I won’t be sharing. 😉 Just a few of some of our family’s favorites are also tortellini, cavatelli, fiori (which is a flower-shaped pasta and means flowers), manicotti either stuffed with a ricotta cheese mixture or stuffed with meat. I am always intrigued with what the Italian meaning of some of the pastas are.
One of the more interesting pasta is gemelli, it’s a single S-shaped pasta. Guess what it means in Italian? Twins, that is just the coolest thing and just one of those things I just had to toss into this blog. Because of course as everyone knows (or hopefully does know by now) Autumn and I are twins! 🙂

Oh my goodness, so many pasta shapes…There really are just a multitude of them! Twinnie and I both also favor the spinach flavored pasta once in awhile, it’s very good but of course not for everyone. I could never get my husband Dave to like it, believe me I did try. His favorite was my very own lasagna.
So many years have gone by since helping our Mom make homemade ravioli, it really is fun to make. Mom always makes the homemade version. Again shame on the twinnies, we get ours out of the freezer section. Our Italian Grandma would never have dreamed of strolling to the freezer section! The homemade version was “just the only way” for her. Being a good sport, she never scolded Autumn, me or any other sisters for racing to the freezer section. 🙂 So, as I’ve been rambling on here about different pastas, and I know many, many shapes I never mentioned.
Is this making anyone hungry at all? 😉 Anyone wanting to or care to share your thoughts on favorite pasta shapes? Please do, the twinnies would love to know! 🙂 🙂


20 thoughts on “Pasta Comes in All Shapes and Sizes, What’s Your Fave? by Gabby Angel

  1. My husband likes riggatoni cuz it’s “totally tubeluar” he says! I like those little tiny ball like ones (I think they are called ancinni de peppe)that sometimes get used in waldorf salads, they are fun to use as beebes in a food fight, and my house ya never quite know when one of those will break out! LOL..

  2. oops that should be “frog’s eye salad” and ancinni de me and I am married to a sicilian I should know these things! 😉

      • He has felt like a whole army of protection in times when I needed him most, he’s also half irish I do believe from his mother, that too is the red in his beard. He is a magical blessing and certainly a treasure. Thank you for reminding me 🙂

        • He sounds like a wonderful husband and many blessings to you both. It makes me happy to hear you talk so lovingly of him! I talked and still talk about my late husband Dave in much the same way. I lost him 8 years ago to cancer, but Heaven needed another hero and God knows best. I was over at your blog leaving you a comment! We have the chatting thing in common, don’t we? 🙂 It’s our blessing, too! Hugs to you watw!! 🙂

      • Yes, the wedding soup! How could I forget that, we’ve even had that before though not at our wedding, our wedding was hosted by a great man from our first church who donated his catering services we had mexican fajitas and green chili and all sorts of awesome food. I’ll dig up the post I put our wedding photo on and sticky it on my site so you can see what we looked like…again thanks for the conversatioin it’s been a good trip down memory lane, thats what I like about you, you bring healing to the memories..that’s a beautiful gift you share freely, I am honored you offer it to me too. Blessings to you my friend.

        ps. I’ve been kinda too many irons in the fire this week at home, I do Very Much love the award, I will post of it the next chance I get, it is so pretty!

        • That sounds like an awesome wedding reception, how fun and not the typical wedding food. 🙂 That is so sweet of posting your wedding picture, it will be nice to see. Thank you for the conversation and so many kind words, I also feel honored you have shared so much with me! I am such an open hearted person and always been that way, I never quite thought of it as a gift. Many blessings to you, too! I can only imagine how busy you are, you take your time and post the award when you get a chance. It was one Autumn and I were so happy to give you, you deserve it! It is one of the prettiest award I have seen, too! 🙂

  3. I like angel hair myself as well as lasanga. Why im not surprise it means twins! prbably because my sign is gemini! lol! Thank you for brighting up my day with your post! i like a few more different pasta, but not sure how to spell them! 🙂

    • What wonderful picks those are PJ! 🙂 You are a gemini, lol…I wouldn’t have guessed. That’s why you’re sometimes called Gem! It is pretty awesome gemelli is a pasta and the word means twins.That is so good, you like other pastas, too PJ. Some of them are hard to spell, I know. I am so happy this post brightened up your day, that makes me happy. You deserve a brighter day for sure, praying you are out of the hopital very soon. Like tomorrow, that would be wonderful! 🙂

      • lol! Yep you so correct on where the Gem part come from! im just waking up drinking a cup of coffee while watching a good movie on Hallmark. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, I truly need them! God Bless

        • I’m glad I was correct about the Gem part PJ! 🙂 Drinking coffe and watching a Hallmark movie sounds relaxing. I will keep praying, I want you out of the hospital today. I am not alone on this, lots of us are praying for you PJ! 🙂 God Bless You, too!

  4. what a yummy post was drooling reading it got to have a pasta dish tonight( its sunday night here)..I have never had angel hair pasta..gotta try it
    my favourite is fettuccine oh man i am going got to have it now:-)

    • Thanks Soma, I was hoping for a yummy post! 🙂 Fettuccine is wonderfully good, nice choice…But you have got to try angel hair pasta someday. It’s Sunday night for you, get that pasta cooked and you enjoy! 🙂

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