My Fairy Godmother ~ by Autumn Sunshine

She’s around me all the time

keeping things in line

with magic wand aglow

she has lots of magic to show

all is alright

she flies through the night

watching over all things

so happiness will ring

and she seems to bring

the sparkles and the sun

for she’s just lots of fun

all is safe and sound

when she flies around

lending a helping hand

anytime she can

she’s magic as you can see

watching over me …

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10 thoughts on “My Fairy Godmother ~ by Autumn Sunshine

    • I have the kids books and I should do a separate book of kids poems ! Thanks for the idea, Ms. Sherline 🙂 You are a blessing and saying nice things about my imagination. Well it’s maybe that I love kids so much and never grew up 😉 lol

  1. The notion of a fairy godmother has always fascinated me. That inner longing to know someone can arrive and radically change the odds of a situation. I would also love to have a tiny brigade of birds and mice, as Cinderella did, which might be every bit as wonderful. Beautifully done!

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