Would You Open the Mystery Box ?? by Gabby

I know, it’s a weird question, isn’t it? It’s kind of a fun question actually, well it seemed a good idea for a post when Autumn and I talked about it earlier.   As always we twinnies were having one of our unusual chats, we seem to have quite the habit of doing that. 😉 In discussing the Pandora’s Box story, we were also talking about any unwatched type of mystery box.

Would you open it if you had the chance? Nobody’s watching this mystery box and it’s just sitting there. What do you think you would do? It’s wrapped up, looking all pretty, too. The temptation is kind of there, but who is brave enough to chance it? It could hold something good, maybe something fun and really quite awesome. On the other hand it could hold something really bad! Possibly something really scary and creepy…Something you just wouldn’t want to see! It could unleash some evil woes so to speak, it could happen. 😉 On the other hand, it’s not our box to go snooping into, is it? Just because it’s sitting there alone and unsupervised, do  we have that right?  The right answer morally is of course,  No.

We shouldn’t open it because it’s not ours or our business whatsoever. But, nobody is watching and the mystery box could be calling your name! Who can resist such a thing? The curiosity could be overwhelming, couldn’t it? Autumn and I may be inquiring twinnies, but both of us said we wouldn’t open it. I know, that may come as a bit of surprise…Or maybe not?

What about any of you kind readers, what would you do? It’s one of those wacky questions that just needs to be asked. 🙂 Just think about it and give the first answer that pops into your head. Who is with us, anyone caring to share their thoughts? We twinnies promise not to judge, after all it’s all pretend…The mystery box is just a picture, after all! 🙂 It’s really all in how you look at it…Help us out kind readers. Sharing is always fun and besides that… Inquiring twinnies just need to know. 😉 🙂


There is hope ~ by Autumn

We can look around and plainly see

that a peaceful world is what we need

the hope still lives

and there is so much to give

to make things  right

and no more fright,

the endless fight

for peace on earth

it can happen, for what it’s worth

Never give up and never give in

all we need is to simply begin

to care for each other

sisters and brothers

every woman and man

we can do it, we can!

The light is still burning

we all should be learning

that this is life, not a practice run ..

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