Another Special Day ~ by Gabby

It’s here and yes it is a rather special day, another bizarre holiday! 🙂 Of course it’s not marked on the calendar, but very much worth mentioning. Today is “National Compliment Day”, that is an amazing chance for everyone today. Give everyone you like, love and maybe those you are not especially fond of a compliment. I mean it, come on kind readers…It is a good day to do this. It should bring out the best in all of us, are you with me?

I say, let’s spread some joy, love, peace and warm wishes and hand out those compliments. Sure, go ahead…Give it a try, it’s easy! 🙂 Wonder who all is laughing at me by now? 😉 It’s a possibility, some of you may think I am just a bit on the ridiculous side. Why hand out compliments to people? Because it’s nice, it will make you feel good…You know, all warm & fuzzy inside! 🙂

There has to be some redeeming quality in everyone to deserve some sort of compliment, right? Why do I feel some of you just may be shaking your head No? Look deep, it’s there somewhere I’m sure…Imagine the people you may surprise! Compliments given should come from your heart, make somebody smile and be glad they know you. I admit it…I am an eternal optimist! I am always looking for the best always in everyone I know or may meet up with. It’s my nature, it’s Autumn’s nature, too! I heard from her how she has a not so pleasant neighbor, she gave him a compliment anyway. She told him he had a nice pair of boots on…It was a start, make someone’s day! He actually smiled at the twinnie…Wow, a first! I gave out a hearty compliment to a not smiling and somewhat unhappy looking grocery store clerk myself. I told her the blue ribbon in her hair was pretty…She actually smiled, too! I am off to hand out more compliments, now it’s your turn…Go ahead and give it a try! 🙂

I love National Compliment Day, this could really catch on. You just never know unless you try! 🙂 By the way, all you kind readers are the best and we twinnies give you smiles and hugs! 🙂 🙂


Swan Magic ~ by Autumn

Look at them sparkle and shine

Magic so divine

they stay together for life

the hubby swan loves his wife 😉

such a happy pair

they seem to share

and both tend the nest

now that’s the best

in a pond so fine

they swim in a line

with the cygnets behind,

a family so blessed

unlike all the rest

they share a magic spell

one no one knows too well

It’s a secret you see

they’ve shared it with me

I am lucky that way

it seems the magic will stay …

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The ABC Award

Oh my goodness!! We’d like to thank ~ Sherline/Nightshade, for this honor.  What a surprise this is, Sherline is simply wonderful a super friend 🙂 We both want to say Thank YOU, so much!!!

This one is simple – to ‘accept’ the award you just add the ABC Award logo to your blog –and then you share something about yourself with your readers and then pass the award on to other worthy bloggers – there’s no limit to how few – or how many – other bloggers you can send this to.

To share something about yourself – you will need to go through the alphabet and choose a word or phrase for each letter and use that to describe yourself – it might be something about you, something you like, or a place or thing you dream about. And that’s all – no long descriptions or detail – just create a new post, add your shiny new blog award badge and alphabet words and let your readers enjoy finding out a little more about you.

Here’s our alphabet about ourselves:












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