Swan Magic ~ by Autumn

Look at them sparkle and shine

Magic so divine

they stay together for life

the hubby swan loves his wife 😉

such a happy pair

they seem to share

and both tend the nest

now that’s the best

in a pond so fine

they swim in a line

with the cygnets behind,

a family so blessed

unlike all the rest

they share a magic spell

one no one knows too well

It’s a secret you see

they’ve shared it with me

I am lucky that way

it seems the magic will stay …

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10 thoughts on “Swan Magic ~ by Autumn

  1. It so beautiful Autumn love your poems they are magical and full of love and hope 🙂
    hey I wanted to ask you do you get inspired by images and write poetry or is it the other way round that is you write down and then find an appropriate image…
    i am asking cos for me its the first one

    • Ahhh, thanks Soma 🙂 you know for me I find an image and sometimes it does inspire me and other times I just get and idea and write. You know how it is sometimes the writing just flows really easy. I even just type my “stuff” now 🙂 I used to hand write, now I just type and some are easy. The kids stories are easy for me, since I live in that “land of magic” 🙂 lol

  2. Such beautiful creatures…I realized while reading this that I do not think I have ever referenced swans in a poem, and I can’t believe that I have not! When you see it show up sometime soon, remember you inspired me 🙂

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