A Hello Kitty Rumor… by Gabby

It’s what I heard…So we will call it a rumor. There is no concrete proof to back up this latest on Hello Kitty, it’s really just heresay. I’m just hoping like crazy it isn’t true, that’s all I can say! In talking this over with Autumn, she feels the same way. OK, I will spill the news but just please remember…It’s just between us! 😉

Well, ever since Beck’s Beer started this Hello Kitty Pink Beer…I hear tell Kitty’s been sampling too much of the said pink beer. She is of age after all, she is 37 years old. You would never know, she still has such a youthful look about her, doesn’t she? Or is this Mimi we’ve been seeing? I have to ask, they are twins and identical at that! Poor Mimi, what does Kitty’s twin really think of all this? I have a feeling she isn’t too pleased, Mimi doesn’t even like beer! I know, what was Beck’s ever thinking? It really does put a little bit of a damper on Hello Kitty’s wholesome image. Not to mention the beer mugs, coasters and beer magnets bearing Kitty’s image! Then, hearing of a red beer Hello Kitty necklace?

Oh, Hello Kitty…Tell us this all just an ugly rumor! If indeed Kitty has been overdoing it with the pink beer…Well, we all need to support her. Encourage Kitty to put down that evil bottle once and for all, who is  with me? 🙂 Mimi of course probably has been hard at work seeing to this already, that’s what a twin should do! I have a feeling Mimi has been standing in for Kitty on more than one public occasion. She is no doubt ready for twin sister Kitty to shun those green bottles filled with pink beer! I hope it hasn’t gotten to the point…Dare I say it? Is Hello Kitty in rehab. by now? It will remain all just rumors…I fear it’s all up to Mimi. So far she isn’t talking, she may have this situation handled! She is the level headed one after all, for all we know…Hello Kitty has straightened up her act already, right? I will say, let’s just give Kitty the benefit of doubt until we hear more… Pink beer just cannot get the best of Hello Kitty! Not as long as she has her twin Mimi anyway…That’s my last thought on this ugly rumor! 😉 🙂


Which way do you Walk ? By Autumn

What is your walk in life, the one you choose?

Win or lose

The way you talk

and the way you walk

should never, ever mock

what you really want,

the path you wish to take

a lot at stake

along the way

every single day

whether the walk is fancy or plain

sometimes it still will rain

you get to be the one

who decides, walk or run

Think and you may see

things that are meant to be

will work out fine

most every time

just don’t give up, not ever


keep on walking your walk

and talking your talk

and in the end

if you don’t bend

or break

you win …

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