He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not… by Gabby

I was looking at a magazine and noticed a picture of a bunch of daisies arranged nicely in a vase.That’s all it took and my mind was off to my oh so happy and younger days. It happens quite often to me, go figure! 🙂 As I’ve said on more than one occasion, my mind really can be a mystery on how it works and the way it works. I’ve decided not to tamper with a good thing! 😉 I think what I think, that’s the way it goes. Those thoughts that pop into my head are worth something, they need to be shared. My mind would be a terrible thing to waste! I think… therefore I am. Oops, I veered off subject  just a bit it seems.That happens kind of a lot, too…it’s a problem maybe, the digressing thing. 😉

I will get back on track, daisies and those younger days. Of course they would be Autumn’s younger days,too since we’re twins and all. There was a game we twinnies played plucking the petals off of a daisy. While you were happily plucking each petal you would say, “he loves me, he loves me not.” Naturally hoping all the while the last remaining petal would end up to be “he loves me”! If not, then you were sad a couple of minutes, then got over it. The worst part of course would happen if you were playing the daisy game with friends around. You just had to hope, wish and pray it didn’t end up with “he loves me not” in front of your friends! If it did, they would all tease you relentlessly about your misfortune.

All the wild daisies that were sacrificed over this now ridiculous seeming game! We had a huge field by our house and the daisies grew like wildfire, but they still shouldn’t have been ripped apart petal by petal. Oh well, the ways of the young. 🙂 The weirdest  thing that ever happened while playing the daisy plucking game.Well, that would be when was our friends and neighbor boys Tim and Alex wandered over to our yard and witnessed the daisy plucking game. Autumn had just finished her remaining petal, “he loves me” she shouted out, doing a little happy dance! I was holding my daisy, it too had one remaining petal… “he loves me!” Just in time, I saw those boys coming and  I wasn’t about to join the twinnie’s happy dance! Noticing the boys she just smiled and explained the game…Trust me they were not impressed! How embarrassing, Tim did tease the poor twinnie for a little while though. Autumn told him off of course and brought that to an abrupt stop to any further teasing. Oh, those younger days, they were fun and simple alright.

Do any of you kind girl readers remember playing this game and if so, want to share? Come on, sharing is fun girls! We twinnies as always would love to hear! 🙂 🙂


Angels Watch over Us ~ by Autumn

Angels really do watch over us

It’s a matter of trust

and just

believe in the best

it’s a sort of a test

why do some doubt?

that’s now what it should be about

open your heart

and goodness will start

open your eyes

truth never lies

open your mind

love is so kind

do you really know ?

well, you reap what you sow

Just hold on to the hope and you see

What exactly the angels can be

Watching and helping you

It’s quite true

They hover around

with barely a sound

just believe what I say

now and every day …

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