Celebrated Food and Drink for January… by Gabby

Yes, I am serious. 🙂 There really a few foods for January that get celebrated. Well, probably not by most…I am not clear on how well this has caught on. It’s just another interesting and kind of fun thought to ponder, I really do love pondering! 😉 I also just love sharing, too…Guess you all noticed that!  Anyway, it’s Hot Tea Month, National Soup Month and last but not least, National Oatmeal Month. All comforting foods and also drink, so good choices for this month of January.

Here in our area of the country it is below zero temperatures again…We want warmth. We want it now! 🙂 Hot tea is nice of course, I like it but also love my coffee. Now, the twinnie is addicted to her chai tea, so she celebrates this every day. How many of you just love a nice cup of tea of any kind, any flavor? Do you have a favorite?

Now, on to the celebrated Soup, another very nice food for warming us up! Favorites…So many to choose from, aren’t there? I couldn’t pin down a favorite to be honest, but they need to be homemade! In my reading, I discovered Chicken Noodle was the top favorite…Not that big of a surprise, right? 😉 What others made the cut as favorites? Tomato soup, Chili, Minestrone, Vegetable with or without meat, Beef Stew, Chowders of any variety. Those are only a few, who has a favorite…Care to share? I really am partial to Lentil soup, Minestrone and Italian wedding soup, so is Autumn…We like almost any of the soups quite honestly.

Lastly, we come to oatmeal…I bet some of you reall ydislike this stuff, just a hunch. The flip side some of you really like it, right? I am in the Like category and so is Autumn. Toss in any kind of fruit, maybe some brown sugar, maybe honey and it’s good. The best news, it is good for all of us, too! We can also bake up some oatmeal cookies, for those who don’t like your oatmeal in a bowl. 😉

There you have the celebrated food and drink of the month of January! Hopefully, you kind readers enjoyed yet another food blog. Any thoughts, opinions or favorites of the above 3 choices? Or are you too busy running to the kitchen for a snack? 😉 🙂


More today … by Autumn

I love you more today

than I did yesterday

yes it’s really true

more than I ever knew

possible, you see

back to you and me

the love that was meant to be

you said you do, and so do I

our love will never die

building castles in the sky

a dream that happened very fast

is meant to last

a journey into the past

it only means we loved in another time

ageless  rhyme

it happens as we know

and as we show

our smiles and joy

we just look at the stars

it was written there, many years ago …

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