Celebrated Food and Drink for January… by Gabby

Yes, I am serious. 🙂 There really a few foods for January that get celebrated. Well, probably not by most…I am not clear on how well this has caught on. It’s just another interesting and kind of fun thought to ponder, I really do love pondering! 😉 I also just love sharing, too…Guess you all noticed that!  Anyway, it’s Hot Tea Month, National Soup Month and last but not least, National Oatmeal Month. All comforting foods and also drink, so good choices for this month of January.

Here in our area of the country it is below zero temperatures again…We want warmth. We want it now! 🙂 Hot tea is nice of course, I like it but also love my coffee. Now, the twinnie is addicted to her chai tea, so she celebrates this every day. How many of you just love a nice cup of tea of any kind, any flavor? Do you have a favorite?

Now, on to the celebrated Soup, another very nice food for warming us up! Favorites…So many to choose from, aren’t there? I couldn’t pin down a favorite to be honest, but they need to be homemade! In my reading, I discovered Chicken Noodle was the top favorite…Not that big of a surprise, right? 😉 What others made the cut as favorites? Tomato soup, Chili, Minestrone, Vegetable with or without meat, Beef Stew, Chowders of any variety. Those are only a few, who has a favorite…Care to share? I really am partial to Lentil soup, Minestrone and Italian wedding soup, so is Autumn…We like almost any of the soups quite honestly.

Lastly, we come to oatmeal…I bet some of you reall ydislike this stuff, just a hunch. The flip side some of you really like it, right? I am in the Like category and so is Autumn. Toss in any kind of fruit, maybe some brown sugar, maybe honey and it’s good. The best news, it is good for all of us, too! We can also bake up some oatmeal cookies, for those who don’t like your oatmeal in a bowl. 😉

There you have the celebrated food and drink of the month of January! Hopefully, you kind readers enjoyed yet another food blog. Any thoughts, opinions or favorites of the above 3 choices? Or are you too busy running to the kitchen for a snack? 😉 🙂

16 thoughts on “Celebrated Food and Drink for January… by Gabby

  1. It is all good stuff, isn’t it? 🙂 Since January is nearing an end, it was wise to get this one in. All celebrated foods for January! Chai tea is a big Yay! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. Another good post, the weather is crazy here today. Loving the warm and the breezy weather. You should come farther South! 🙂 I love soup, actually had some good chicken and vegetable soup my mom cook. It was so good. Actually finish the rest of it before I left for hospital. If you wondering if I ate it all by myself, nope. I have two other brothers who help me finish it! lol. Oatmeal… hmmm it depends on flavors. I use to eat strawberry kind when I was younger and now i haven’t touch it in awhile to be honest. I still need to try that tea, I’m glad you mention it again. next time I go to store I have to purchase some and get back to you all on how it taste. God Bless 🙂

    • Thanks PJ, I wanted to get it in before January is over! 🙂 I am glad your weather is warm and breezy, Autumn and I sure would love to get farther South, it sounds wonderful! The soup sounds good your Mom made, glad you shared it with those brothers of yours. 🙂 Oatmeal, I think it’s another one that isn’t always big on everyone’s list. Lately I have been loving the brown sugar on it. You do need to try chai tea PJ, I am sure you will like it but do let us know what you think OK? You are also a coffee drinker like me, I remember that! 🙂 I need to get over to your blog for today PJ, I wan’t home until a little while ago. I swear I should start taking my laptop with me, lol. It sounds like you went for your transfusion and hope it went well. I worry, but I also pray as you know! Hugs and God Bless you ,too PJ!! 🙂

  3. Another great post for us to ponder about, Gabby! 🙂 I love soups…split pea, clam chowder, chili, chicken anything, lentil…all are good! I wish I could make them better, but the best I make is split pea with ham…I’m not a hot tea drinker, but love iced tea…I’m like you, but except coffee, I love lattes: vanilla, pumpkin spice, chai tea latte…etc…love oatmeal with fruit and nuts (anything with nuts) and I happen to have oatmeal cranberry cookies here if you want some, just let me know! 🙂 However, I’m about to divulge in Chinese takeout, which is really good! xx

    • Thanks Lauren and posts to ponder are always fun! 🙂 You love your soups, too I see and such good choices you named, too. I really am quite the coffee drinker and love those lattes a lot…Have to admit though, Autumn is winning me over to loving chai tea! It’s the going drink at her house. Yay about oatmeal and those cookies do sound very good since I do love cranberries! 🙂 Chinese takeout, you are indeed very lucky because it’s now sounding wonderful. Too late around here for Chinese takeout, but you please do enjoy yours Lauren! 🙂 Hugs

  4. You got it Gabby Some of us really do not like oatmeal in bowl..but cookies..yum..
    I loooooooove Tea any kind will do with or without cream,honey lemon,ginger or Masala chai 🙂
    Autumn what’s up Girl chai haan Hmm so do you drink it or eat it ;)..
    Bengalis eat their tea well not really but they say so {Chaa khabo}…it means i will drink tea but if translated will mean will eat tea 😆
    My fav. soups would be ( any) animal in soup 😆
    I love minestrone,lentil,noddle soups actually any and every kind of tea and soups do the magic..but in the night when I am listening to music,penning down my thoughts or just reading I do need my coffee..Oh God your posts are always so good I have to stop myself from posting comments bigger than the posts..

    • There is no shame in not liking oatmeal in a bowl Soma… the cookies are just as good for us after all! Good tea choices and you love them all even without cream. I am impressed because mine has to have that touch of cream, glad to hear you like your coffee, too! That Bengali saying is very cool by the way, I love how it translates. 🙂 You named some good soups I must say, nothing beats homemade chicken noodle when you are under the weather… Mine is good but I think my Mom’s has that magic about it! You are so sweet saying that about my posts, sometimes I worry they aren’t all that good. Thanks for boosting my confidence and don’t worry about the long comments Soma…Look at mine! 😉 Hugs!

  5. Love herbal teas – favorites are peppermint and cinnamon apple spice and chamomile with some cinnamon added to it. Soups I make are vegan and almost like beef stews without the beef. Oatmeal, well, ate too much of it for years, so am taking a break from it. I do love warm weather foods though. Tonight I heated up some rice milk and added some unsweetened cocoa and Truvia to it or sometimes I add Agave Nectar Syrup as the sweetener, too. Ate too much sugar in my time, too, so try to have things without white sugar in them. Helps me feel at least a bit healthier, too. Take care Gabby. Nice writing, too. Sincerely, Connie Webb

    • Herbal teas are very good, so happy to see your choices here, they are all wonderful flavors. I remember you are vegan and can imagine your stews are really good and I, too can go without the beef. I eat very little meat,but I am not quite total vegetarian. It probably is good to take a break from oatmeal every now and then. You don’t want to end up totally despiing it forever. I like rice milk, too and also almond and soy. That drink sounds very tasty! 🙂 I use truvia myself and too much white sugar isn’t really all that good for us anyway. Agave Nectar syrup, that is some good stuff, too and eating healthy does make us feel better, I agree. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words, take care and hope to read more from you very soon Connie! Hugs, Gabby

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