I Tried to Resist!

I tried this year, I really tried to resist. Oh, what am I talking about you ask? Guess it  would be wise to explain the strange title! What was I trying to resist…The call of American Idol. But, just like every year I say I was not going to get sucked into watching. It can be heartwrenching watching some of those kids getting voted off. So, alas I have failed…I can’t control myself. I simply love music so, so very much and every year I have found a new talent.

The tryouts can be horrible, if any of you watch you know what I’m saying! I could also say it’s my slight crush on Steven Tyler, but this is only his second season as a judge. For an older man he is pretty awesome, in my humble opinion only of course. I was disappointed years ago to discover he had changed his real last name, it is Tallarico. Being Italian, I wish he would have kept that last name! Steven really is one gifted musician and there’s just something about that look of his…I love the way he dresses and his hair! Those feathers and all woven in are just somehow appealing. I said only a slight crush, the Twinnie chuckles over that term! It’s not serious, it’s not like he’s obtainable after all! I just find him rather endearing as a judge and I can’t help it… He’s just very kind and all to those contestants.

On a serious side note, my  husband Dave was the best and only musician for me, for all time…But he is rocking in Heaven now. That is being totally and completely honest. I have watched and endured Simon Cowell…He’s mellowed a bit. Paula Abdul, what can one say about Paula? She does have a good heart, she really does. Some of those years on American Idol I actually found myself telling Simon off  while watching on TV. Yes, I confess I also watched the first ever season of the X-Factor,  too. I am so in it all for the music!

My 2 favorite years of American Idol, the year Elliott Yamin was on and the Danny Gokey year. They both came in third, which of course I felt was insane. They both clearly should have won, but they both are successful. I love both their music and own it all. Just listen to me, here I am  going on and just rambling up a storm. Another season of American Idol has arrived…Yes I will be watching, I cannot tell a lie! Autumn will sadly not be watching with me, she stopped watching the year Bucky Covington was voted off, the same year Elliott was on. Bucky made the Top Ten and the Twinnie has met him in person 3 times! So did I and that identical twin of his Rocky. Never mind…She still holds a grudge against American Idol and will forevermore! Who is watching? Any of you kind readers with me? Do feel free to share if you please! Rock on is all I have to end this post with!! 🙂 😉

12 thoughts on “I Tried to Resist!

  1. I haven’t watched any full season of Idol. Bits and pieces. I could never get past Simon. I think it’s cute you have a crush on Steven. Enjoy your show this season and the music!

    • I am surprised you never watched a full season, you have a teenaged daughter at home! I confessed my crush on Steven, maybe on par to your Johnny Depp crush. 😉 I will very much enjoy the music this season, thanks Lori! 🙂

  2. I so love Elliot Yamin, truly believe his talented. I had forgot he was on American Idol, I so have a love for music. Good post and now I see exactly what you was talking about when you mention it on my post. I felt like a lot of good talent get look over every yeart. I have to be honest I havent fully watch it through last year but I’ma give it a whirl this year and pick a favorite. Maybe you could do a post every week when they start voting people off. Just ideal! lol

    • I am just freaking out…You love Elliott, too! Yay, he is just amazing that beautiful voice, what a talent. 🙂 I am hoping you watch this year, please give it a whirl and pick out a favorite PJ! We can talk over our choices, I knew you loved music and so happy you love Elliott. Did you ever check out Danny Gokey, I am positive you would love his music, too. If you check him out, please let me know what you think! That is a good idea, maybe when they get down to the top 10 or 12 I could do a little post after each one gets voted off. Thanks for the idea and it’s a good one! 🙂 lol You didn’t comment on my Steven Tyler crush PJ! 😉 Hope you are feeling well tonight and I left you a comment on your beautiful poem, too just a short while ago. 🙂

  3. I was a total American Idol fan, but turned off my cable TV months back. So this is the first season not watching it, but will try to catch clips at their online site. Find myself watching what I can online now. I am sure they will always show the clips of the good singers. So yes, I am still a fan, just don’t have the cable TV now for it. As a matter of fact, American Idol and House MD. are the two shows I miss the most. I can see House MD at Hulu.com, so that is good. Bye for now. Sincerely, Connie Webb

    • I am happy to hear you are a fan of American Idol, too Connie. 🙂 I have very basic cable, as I honestly don’t watch all that much TV either. Hoping you can catch some clips online at their site, too. The show only started a week ago, so they are only in tryouts now. You know how awful some of them can be, but hoping you can catch some of the best of the singers online. House, MD is a good show I try to catch that one myself…Hugh Laurie is quite talented. Autumn loves the show and also the good Dr. House! 🙂 I’m happy you can see it on Hulu. It’s so good to see the music fans here Connie, isn’t music the total best? You take care, Hugs! Gabby

    • I know you are late to comment Twinnie, but your bad cold has slowed you down a bit. 😦 Never doubted you wouldn’t ever change your mind to watch after the Bucky being voted off to soon incident. Yes indeed, he sure did have the last laugh, didn’t he?! 🙂 Those Covington twins are going strong…Bucky and Rocky are awesome and will keep on rocking! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  4. I love American Idol. it sure is a lot better than “Canadian Idol” trust me on that one! lol. Simon makes me laugh because of his shock value comments and criticisms. It’s either he’s brutally honest or his just a bully lol. I really wonder how he grew up seriously. Steve Tyler knows music and I think he suits well as a jugde on the panel. Randy is awesome as always because I love his “Dude” comments hahahahahaha I wonder what rising star will be the finalist this coming season 😀 Enjoy the show and remember, it’s just a show so kick back and relax my twinnie friend and enjoy the hilarious moments and all the drama that comes with being chosen 🙂

    • I am so happy you love American Idol better than Candian Idol, is it really not very good? Simon, I am not sure about him but have a feeling he is just one of the VERY brutally honest! Just kind of glad he’s not a judge on American Idol anymore. Yay, you said nice things about Steven Tyler! 🙂 I agree Sherline, he knows his music and he’s a very fair and kind judge. I forgot to mention Randy, he really is funny between his “Dude” and “Dawg” comments. He knows his music very well, too and is nice to the contestants, too! 🙂 Jennifer Lopez the other judge forgot to mention her, too! She is so nice and does tend to get emotional, but very nice. It’s a kinder and gentler American Idol now! I will watch and enjoy, remembering it’s just a show…Wondering who the next rising star will be, too. It’s only going into the second week of tryouts Sherline and long way to go! 🙂 Lots of drama and hiliarious moments to come for sure. 😉 I will kick back and relax,I promise my twinnie friend! 🙂

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