Snowflake Facial… by Gabby

Who wants one? A snowflake facial, doesn’t that sound invigorating?  I know, you are all thinking I am talking about real snow, right? Perish the thought! That would be too cold and quite silly, think about it. 😉 I just had to do some  kidding there for a minute. 🙂 But, seriously… There really is a plant called the summer snowflake plant! That’s how the snowflake facial earned it’s named. Very misleading, I know! Want to know the other not so good part? It costs about $350 and upwards of more I believe if you have it done at their Beverly Hills spa. Who knows, all I do know is it is very expensive!

The snowflake plant is supposed to contain all these wonderous natural ingredients. They are claiming it’s better than botox and it’s needle free! Yay, let’s all go have one, who is with me? I think it’s just plain too much money, who agrees with me? There is a variety of products you can buy and do this at home yourself. They all look not too bad, until you get to the scary mask you will need to wear for a short time. It’s supposed to help the product work better. For some people they really might think of trying it, you never know. Everyone is different on their thoughts. Not being a fan of having botox or anything like that being done, maybe I am just too cynical about the whole concept. It doesn’t matter if it’s all natural ingredients and needle free. Well, I may need you kind readers to help me out.

Autumn has given me her thoughts, she might want to try out the snowflake facial. If she felt like tossing that kind of money around, which she doesn’t. Botox? To that the twinnie says no! Who has any thoughts to share about the snowflake facial concept? How about botox? I know, perhaps just a bit too personal. Please do forgive me if indeed I did get too inquiring….But sharing is fun!  Anyway, I did have to share and pass along the interesting name when I learned about the snowflake plant.The new happening snowflake facial, too…I would love to talk to someone that actually had one done though! Just for the sake of my curiosity and all…You know what I mean?

I did have to laugh when I told Autumn about the snowflake facial…Her first question, do  they use real snow? I have to admit…I did tease her for a few minutes and had  her going about it being real snow. I thought I was more of the gullible of us twinnies! 😉 Don’t worry I told her the truth right away and she laughed, a lot! So, no snowflake facials or botox  for the twinnies and that’s our final word! 🙂 🙂


You call me Sunshine ~by Autumn Sunshine

You’re allowed to call me that name

the same

one my Dad once called me

The only man I say, it’s OK, it’s you

it’s really true

You always knew

I thought you special and fine

the kind

I say, “I do” with…

As we walk along the path of life

My forever man and I am your wife

Your eyes meet mine with that silly grin

How can we not win?

You are the other half of me, my heart

and as we start

along on our way

Tomorrow and today

We have the bond of joy so strong

always will belong

together and loving our way

into the future…

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