Backwards Day is here!~~ by Gabby

Can you believe it? January 31st is another one of those wacky or bizarre holidays. One you won’t find on your calendar, by any means but celebrated by some people all the same. You really can find one for every single day of the month. Backwards Day…Do everything backwards, is it possible? Of course it isn’t, but you all knew that. It may be fun or amusing to do a few things backwards just to give it a whirl.

Walk backwards? Not for me, I would be running into things or falling all over the place! Come on, who can walk backwards gracefully? Talk backwards? My brain couldn’t process that one I’m afraid. Everything would come out complete gibberish, wonder if anyone can possibly do that? Write backwards? Maybe one word, I wouldn’t want to try for a whole sentence. I once saw a movie when the guy wrote the woman’s name he was trying to win over backwards on a wall. How romantic, show off a hidden talent for his love,  that was in a movie though! I believe it was said the actor had the talent of writing backwards…Well, maybe. That could have been highly exaggerated for publicity’s sake, how would we know? Wear your shirt backwards? No, just so not a good fashion statement!

It seems to me this said holiday is aimed for young children, they would find all these things fun. What about our inner child getting out there for Backwards Day? Not for me, I am not risking life, limb and sanity…My inner child is staying put for Backwards Day! She isn’t talking me into it, no way! I ask Autumn if she was going to try a backwards thing, she laughed! I take that as a definite No. So there we have it Backwards Day is here…Anybody going to give this backwards thing a whirl? If so, please do share! 🙂 😉


Healing Fairy ~ By Autumn Sunshine

She has the magic and the touch

she can heal so much

just give her a chance,

you will grow and learn

and let the goodness and health return

broken hearts can even heal

it’s part of the deal

the healing fairy can do a lot

and she will never be caught

she is magic through and through

and she wants to help you

just give it a try and you will see

she will be

on your side,

just don’t hide

the magic grows

and the healing will show

On the breeze the fairies whisper

Believe …
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