Healing Fairy ~ By Autumn Sunshine

She has the magic and the touch

she can heal so much

just give her a chance,

you will grow and learn

and let the goodness and health return

broken hearts can even heal

it’s part of the deal

the healing fairy can do a lot

and she will never be caught

she is magic through and through

and she wants to help you

just give it a try and you will see

she will be

on your side,

just don’t hide

the magic grows

and the healing will show

On the breeze the fairies whisper

Believe …
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10 thoughts on “Healing Fairy ~ By Autumn Sunshine

  1. The healing fairy, she sounds like she can work some powerful magic! I love the poem Twinnie, we all could use a wave of the healing fairy’s magic wand! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

    • Soma, Na Chinta, we know many believe 😉 btw, now I know why you “eat” chai tea, there is no Bengali word for drink 🙂 I’m learning!!! hugs and love and you are rocking as always!!

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