My Thoughts on Worry Stones By Gabby

Those worry stones I find them very helpful. I was rubbing away my worries earlier with my worry stone and thought this may make a fun post. Does everyone know what a worry stone is? If not I will share, but I feel a lot of you know what they are. What’s it all about? It can be a real stone, a small little crystal or you can buy a worry stone, if you see fit but it’s cheaper to improvise! Also, to be honest it’s nice to have a small piece of nature. This is in my humble opinion only, but everyone needs to decide for themselves.

Of course it does need to be a smooth type stone or it just wouldn’t work. Your poor thumb, hand and fingers would take it tough. Therefore the whole process of using a worry stone would completely backfire. Does anybody have their own personal worry stone? If not, you really should get one! You will be amazed at truly useful this little worry stone can provide for calming thoughts and worries. Your  thumb actually wears a groove in the stone over time! How did I get stared with using a worry stone? Well, our Dad and Mom thought we all should have one. It was a good way to ease away our troubles or worries and kind of calm you down, the action kind of takes your mind away from troubling thoughts. Our Dad and Mom, always very thoughtful that way. We all got to pick our own out, of course they were all little stones we found in nature.

We also found ones at the beach, you can find all kind of magical little worry stones of your own choosing at the beach…For free! I am not going to bore you kind readers with all the history of the worry stone. They been used for years and years and been counted on to work and be a comfort by many people. You can all check them out on Wikipedia instead, if you do wish to do that.. I really try in the posts I write not to make them so relied on by Wikipedia and other sources. That’s only me, I would find that way rather stiff and not flowing out of my own thoughts and all.

Anyway, I personally have a couple of worry stones both found in nature. I know Autumn uses hers, too and like mine they were found in nature. Do I use my little worry stone in public? I sure have been known to! Odd looks, well sure but it makes people either ask you about the worry stone. Or perhaps they just may just give you the strange looks and neither say or ask about it. It doesn’t matter to me, I will continue using my worry stone when I need it and so will Autumn. We twinnies think everybody needs one! What are any of you kind readers thoughts on the worry stone? Please do feel free to share, as always twinnies are wanting to know. Also, sharing is a lot of fun! 🙂 🙂


Magic touches the Flowers ~ By Autumn

The magic dances around

the purple flowers abound

all over and shine so bright

day or night

in darkness or light

look and you will see

a sparkle or two or even three

look for a fairy, you never know

the things you’ll see, high or low

the twinkle and beams of magic grow

all around a special show

The flowers seem to be alive

on the breeze, and around the trees

the moon smiles down

never a frown

you never know what you will see

in the forest of filled with a flower, a bee

and many a tree …


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