Magic touches the Flowers ~ By Autumn

The magic dances around

the purple flowers abound

all over and shine so bright

day or night

in darkness or light

look and you will see

a sparkle or two or even three

look for a fairy, you never know

the things you’ll see, high or low

the twinkle and beams of magic grow

all around a special show

The flowers seem to be alive

on the breeze, and around the trees

the moon smiles down

never a frown

you never know what you will see

in the forest of filled with a flower, a bee

and many a tree …


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13 thoughts on “Magic touches the Flowers ~ By Autumn

  1. I just love the whole magic that surrounds the purple flowers…The fairy and everything! This poem is pure and wonderful magic! Molto bello (which means everything is beautiful in Italian) I must say Twinnie! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

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  3. I agree with Gabby Purple flowers have an air of mystery and magic around them…as if they were a code to enter that fairy land
    Its a beautiful poem Autumn…got to tell you this is one place and one special poet who has made Autumn way better than any spring
    love and hugs 🙂

  4. I loved that saying “The earth laughs in flowers”. I looked to see who wrote it and some said Emerson but then it looks like it was E.E. Cummings who wrote that. Flowers are my favorite thing to take photos of as they are so bright and colorful. I planted carnations from seeds this past spring in little pots and was amazed at how well they grew here on the Northern California coast. Nothing like watching little seeds you plant sprout up into beautiful flowers. Nice poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb

    • Hi Connie, I love that saying about the earth laughing in flowers! Wow, that is so super you can grow carnations in Northern California 🙂 I love them, not much of a green thumb for me, but I have better luck with outside flowers. I agree, it’s such a great feeling growing from seeds.
      Thanks for reading my poem 🙂 hugs, Autumn

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