National Laugh- Friendly Month is Here! ~ by Gabby

Yes, how really fun and exciting this was to learn. I know, the month of February holds a lot of significant other things as well. Don’t worry, I will get to them, too! 🙂 😉  But for sake of something to make us smile on the first day of the month… I just had to announce it’s National Laugh-Friendly Month. It will make our February much brighter, I just know it! 🙂

Since it’s also leap year we can enjoy 29 whole days of laughing friendly, Yay! I like this idea. But, wait a minute is there such a thing as “not laughing-friendly”? Hmm…The thought just crossed my mind. Well, banish that thought it will be laugh and do laugh very friendly month! 🙂 Maybe I need to talk to those in charge and have them change that. Perhaps just to be more specific?

Anyway, who is with me? I say we have a good 29 days to laugh, have a good time of it while being friendly, too. Maybe make some new friends? Maybe make up with some old ones you may have annoyed? 😉 It  means we can practice being extra friendly and do it with a smile! Maybe a very big smile at that. I do so love that concept…A whole month of nice, happy vibe feelings. 🙂 It could work you know…Spread it around the world! After all, we live in many different parts of the country kind readers, and this could really catch on. Now I am really excited! Who wants to give this a whirl? We can all try, right? 🙂 Who will be joining Autumn and me in our quest…Of course the twinnie is with me! Did you ever doubt it? 😉

Do let us twinnies know, come on kind readers do your part, let’s make a start! 🙂 Again, I must say Yay! National Laugh-Friendly Month is here! 🙂 🙂


Dolphins at Sunset ~ by Autumn

What a beautiful sight

the dolphins at night

sunset time

they look so fine

jumping so high

are they waving goodbye?

they seem a happy pair

so unaware

that many smile at their games

they seem so tame

the moonlight shimmers

and the water glimmers

can you hear their dolphin call ?

they seem to sing

and they begin

to jump and dive

so much alive

happy and free

the way it should be …

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