I Strayed… ~by Gabby

Did I lure you in with that title? ūüėČ It’s nothing sordid, trust me! What in the world am I again talking about you may be asking? I strayed and I never, never¬†will again…From my favorite brand of Greek Yogurt, that is. My all time favorite is Oikos by Dannon…I will not budge on this ever again! I am quite passionate about this, I can’t help myself. Wonder if that sounds perhaps just a bit on the wacky side? Well, if¬†does¬†then so be it! ūüėȬ†I¬† just really like what I like and no other brand will do…Ever!

I won’t be tempted by some other brand to give it a whirl. Or even a well meaning Twinnie I know and love will not be tempting me again. ūüėČ Let’s give this other brand a try she says, just¬†the other day when together¬†we popped into ¬†a grocery store for a few items. She was so very¬†convincing, this may be better than Oikos says Autumn.¬†Sorry to report, the poor Twinnie¬†thinks the other brand was “quite¬†good”. I say she is so off base! Come on Twinnie this other brand, I am naming names now…Chobani does not compare to my lovely Oikos! Is the Twinnie undercover working for this other brand? Of course not, I am being dramatic. ūüôā¬†The Chobani¬†doesn’t cut it for me, it does not even come close…I should have know better. To stray, I mean…I have tried all the¬†others¬†and they all pale in comparison. What a misleading ad this is, look what it says…So not true!

A couple months ago I¬†wrote a post it was a¬†product review of sorts¬†all about Oikos by Dannon. I said it was the best and I am sticking with it…forevermore! Did any of you kind readers try Okios? Any thoughts if you do enjoy my favorite¬†brand? Do any of you truly like the competion better? You can tell me, I will disagree of course, but we are entitled to our own thoughts an opinions after all.¬†¬†Sorry Dannon, my deepest apologies my sweet Oikos! Don’t worry, I did all the taste testing I am ever going to do. Torture, all of it and I am not exaggerating one tiny bit!¬†If the¬† Twinnie wants to stray, she will be straying alone. I know the TF <3=Twins Forever and all you ask? Oh no, what are you saying…Surely not breaking up the lifetime of TF <3=Twins Forever!¬† A touch of drama again, sorry I couldn’t help myself. ūüôā¬†¬†My aspiring actress dreams bombed in third grade….A whole other post indeed! ūüėČ All you kind readers, as well as Autumn¬†knows NOTHING will ever, ever break up TF <3=Twins Forever. I do have to tease her about it, that’s all. After all, the bond of twinship is way too¬†stong! I love Autumn dearly, but no more messing with the Oikos Twinnie!! ūüėČ ūüôā


No smoke and mirrors … by Autumn

It’s real, can’t you see

the magic can be

seen but some

it’s just begun

it’s no show

don’t you know?

well, take a look

no smoke and mirrors,

it’s by the book

of the sages

through the ages

they shared it all

some heard the call

just read each page and learn

turn after turn

it’s not that hard to grow

once you see  the magic show

you start to know

that each new day

a brand new way

it’s in the air

so try and share

the magic that’s around …

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