It’s February 7th… ~ by Gabby

I know, it’s another bizarre and unusual holiday!  But, I indeed have to share this one…It’s a good one! 🙂 It’s called “Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day”. Can you just believe it?

Imagine my surprise when I was checking into the bizzare and unusual holidays for this month. I figured we could just have some fun with this day, too…Why not? Waving at neighbors, that is always nice. It’s a good practice, wave, smile and stay on good terms with your neighbors. Waving using all your fingers…Well, please do be careful on that one. Just a warning, no using just one finger…You know what I’m saying.

Flashing the peace sign? I suppose that could work, but the holiday does say…Wave ALL your fingers. We don’t want to break any rules on this special day, do we? Waving like a queen or a princess, you know the “royal wave”? I have a feeling that’s not what they mean either, that could perhaps look just a bit too snobby. We want to be doing a nice wave to the neighbors! 🙂 Just a good old wave, wiggle all your fingers if you want to. Show some enthusiasim, make the neighbors know you are aiming for friendly! 🙂 It will make for happier times I do believe.

Of course I have been known to be called the overly optimistic one, by family and friends. If you don’t like the neighbor at all…Well, maybe it’s time to think about moving? I’m kidding of course! We can all co-exist fairly well, I hope! So, everybody have fun, wave all your fingers at your neighbors and remember to smile! So far it’s worked for me pretty well. Autumn, too has reported a couple nice waves she gave her neighbors. Let us know how your waving goes today, too! 🙂 🙂


Once in a blue moon … ~Autumn

As the saying goes

the one that  most of us know

once in a blue moon

an endless tune

a day in June

and answer to be found

looking all around

wondering what it means

not always what it seems

something kind of rare

so beware

songs written to explain

falling like rain

just listen and you’ll see

many lyrics that will be

about that once in a while thing

rings and wings

and the words so clear

anyone can hear

the moon is blue

and love is true

once in a lifetime

is the rhyme

and reason

it explains each season …
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