Some Hello Kitty Magic… ~ by Gabby

Hello Kitty is doing so well these days. She is very busy, happy and spreading the magic all around. With a wave of her wand she is just having a good time of making magic and bringing smiles. Who would have guessed, right?  Isn’t that just wonderful news about Kitty? I knew she was special, but now to come to realize she is  also being a part-time good fairy of sorts! Yay Kitty, you are the sweetest and doing such good deeds, too. Fixing hearts that are broken and mending frowns turning them into smiles wherever she goes. I hear tell she loves turning the frowns right upside down, left and right. She loves spreading happiness around! Kitty can make just everyone laugh out loud with a touch of that magic wand! 🙂 What a busy girl that Kitty is. Such a good news update,  isn’t it?Autumn and I were just a bit troubled about the last rumor of perhaps too much indulgence of the pink beer. Well, if there was trouble there, it has disappeared, Yay!

Mimi is being the supportive twin sister and has only stepped in here and there to lend Kitty a hand. She has had to, Kitty was exhausted with those long hours of magic!! She had traveled all over the globe, each and every country was visited, nobody and I do mean nobody was missed! That is a lot of traveling…Even with the help of a magic wand!

Shh…Because that is very top secret, so let’s  don’t spread it around! Mimi only stepped in as any good twin sister would, happily changing which side her bow was on. It was easier when she got to put on that nice little crown of stars though. What a trooper to be so very unselfish, don’t you all think? Both Kitty and Mimi are just so special to many of us. We just happened to know the top secret info from a friend of the family who told us twinnies that tidbit of news. It really is nice to have an inside source every now and then sharing the happy things about Kitty and Mimi. Better than last report, which we won’t speak of. All we will do is share this picture of Kitty waving her magic wand and thankfully her little wings weren’t the slightest bit crooked. She has a very good fashion assistant I heard, which is a good deal. We all could do with one of those, couldn’t we? Anyway, there you have it..The latest on Hello Kitty and her lovely twin sister Mimi! All happy and It’s all good…May it continue on that way, too! 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Some Hello Kitty Magic… ~ by Gabby

  1. Good to know that the last post was just rumors and she doing much better. And Gabby I know a few ladies who like Hello Kitty! So you are not alone. I actually just bought my notebook and guess who”s on the front of it. I like to be able to write when I’m out and about. God Bless 🙂

    • I know, we put those awful rumors to rest and here Kitty is working some magic! 🙂 I knew I just couldn’t be alone in loving Hello Kitty. You have her on your notebook PJ? That is so awesome and I am happy to know that. You are still writing when you’re in the hospital, that is so good to get all your thoughts written down. Praying it won’t be a long stay this time. God Bless you, too PJ! 🙂

  2. Aaah so now I know I have been having feeling of some wonderful warm friendly vibes hugging me ….do you think it was either of the twins!!
    what a blessing it was..and they being your friends are just as warm lovely and magical like you twinnies 🙂
    I forgot to mention but got to now..the twins forever image on the side….is the cutest est est est twinnie image ever…hugs to the twinies 🙂

    • You were feeling the Kitty and Mimi vibes Soma! 🙂 They were all over the globe, spreading the magic and what good friends those twinnies are, too. How sweet of you to say all those kind things, about both the set of twinnies, humans and cats alike. 🙂 Thanks for liking the picture, Autumn found that picture of the Twins Forever. It really is the cutest I will agree! 🙂 Hugs back to you Soma! 🙂

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