Wooden Puzzle Boxes, Twin Memories… by Gabby

What is that title all about you may be wondering? I was admiring mine earlier and thought of this as a fun post idea. Well, I will be sharing this certain cherished possession each of the Twinnies has. It really is a wooden puzzle box. We love ours, they are still proudly on display in each of our homes. The puzzle boxes are in the shape of a butterfly. Not quite as complicated as some I have seen, but just awesome all the same.

Do all you kind readers know what a puzzle box is? I am sure you do, they are just so cute and have a few pieces that kind of unlock it so to speak. It’s a kind of magic thing, which of course caught both us Twinnies eyes from the very beginning. Dad and Mom must have gotten them when we were very young pre-teen or teenagers, all the sisters of ours has one, too. It became a tradition of sorts…I know, our family was so noted for those it seems! 🙂

The butterfly design we Twinnies both just loved at the time, so our Dad and Mom got us the same thing. Even if we were  13 or so at the time. I guess they wanted to be on the safe side. You know, kind of halting a dispute before it could happen. 😉 I remember when we got them we were just over the moon happy, they were so cool.

Another place to keep secret possessions, a treasured object in or just whatever we wanted to hide from the younger sisters! 😉 Which we did of course, those little sisters could get mighty nosy let me tell you. They tried to snoop into the puzzle boxes from time to time, but they never got close enough to crack the secret code. This is shameful to admit, but we hid them safely away when we weren’t in our room! We did that with anything we thought that little sisters could snoop into…They left us with no choice, again trust me on this.

The objects those little puzzle boxes have held is funny in reflecting on it. Right now, mine has my childhood or younger days tiny little birthstone ring. Imagine my surprise when I asked Autumn what was in hers. I am not kidding…Her very own little garnet birthstone ring! 🙂 Twinnie minds really do think quite alike it seems. What were the chances of both of us doing that? Well, it really does happen more often, the two of us doing or sharing the same thought and all. Kind of magic, too…No, kind readers I am not implying we Twinnies are magic! 😉 I had to share my thoughts on puzzle boxes today and do hope you enjoyed it. 🙂 Do any of you kind readers happen to have a  wooden puzzle box? If so, would be wanting to share? It would be nice to hear about your own personal puzzle box. Because as always, sharing is just so awfully much fun! 🙂 🙂


Destiny ~ by Autumn

You and me were meant to be

It’s destiny you see

I believe and so do you

the love we found is very true

somewhat rare to really care

and dare,

on a wing and a prayer

to take a chance

on romance

for us we got it right

love shines so bright

day or night

on the wings of love

we count the stars above

they glitter just for us

and so we totally trust

this bond so strong

and we belong

as we sing our song

of happy times

and love so fine

smiling as we go

because we know

this is forever …

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An Ocean View …

An ocean view

a day with you

my darling man

you always can

make me see

the beauty that can be

all around

as we are homeward bound

I find the sea a lovely sight

day or night

it’s always right

to say, it’s the best

no matter where we are

near or far

we love the land

and find love and stand

happy and strong

right not wrong

we belong

to you and me

and me and you

so very true

and the ocean so blue

the birds that fly

high in the sky

we see them go by

take my hand

my forever man …

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