Wooden Puzzle Boxes, Twin Memories… by Gabby

What is that title all about you may be wondering? I was admiring mine earlier and thought of this as a fun post idea. Well, I will be sharing this certain cherished possession each of the Twinnies has. It really is a wooden puzzle box. We love ours, they are still proudly on display in each of our homes. The puzzle boxes are in the shape of a butterfly. Not quite as complicated as some I have seen, but just awesome all the same.

Do all you kind readers know what a puzzle box is? I am sure you do, they are just so cute and have a few pieces that kind of unlock it so to speak. It’s a kind of magic thing, which of course caught both us Twinnies eyes from the very beginning. Dad and Mom must have gotten them when we were very young pre-teen or teenagers, all the sisters of ours has one, too. It became a tradition of sorts…I know, our family was so noted for those it seems! 🙂

The butterfly design we Twinnies both just loved at the time, so our Dad and Mom got us the same thing. Even if we were  13 or so at the time. I guess they wanted to be on the safe side. You know, kind of halting a dispute before it could happen. 😉 I remember when we got them we were just over the moon happy, they were so cool.

Another place to keep secret possessions, a treasured object in or just whatever we wanted to hide from the younger sisters! 😉 Which we did of course, those little sisters could get mighty nosy let me tell you. They tried to snoop into the puzzle boxes from time to time, but they never got close enough to crack the secret code. This is shameful to admit, but we hid them safely away when we weren’t in our room! We did that with anything we thought that little sisters could snoop into…They left us with no choice, again trust me on this.

The objects those little puzzle boxes have held is funny in reflecting on it. Right now, mine has my childhood or younger days tiny little birthstone ring. Imagine my surprise when I asked Autumn what was in hers. I am not kidding…Her very own little garnet birthstone ring! 🙂 Twinnie minds really do think quite alike it seems. What were the chances of both of us doing that? Well, it really does happen more often, the two of us doing or sharing the same thought and all. Kind of magic, too…No, kind readers I am not implying we Twinnies are magic! 😉 I had to share my thoughts on puzzle boxes today and do hope you enjoyed it. 🙂 Do any of you kind readers happen to have a  wooden puzzle box? If so, would be wanting to share? It would be nice to hear about your own personal puzzle box. Because as always, sharing is just so awfully much fun! 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Wooden Puzzle Boxes, Twin Memories… by Gabby

  1. OMG Gabby this post reminded me of the one I had, it was a small tower kind of thing and i used to keep some pebbles in it..these pebbles were special cos it was a kind of tradition we had between the friends..I dont remember how it all started but to make our bond special and stronger every brithday we friends celebrated together we would gift each other a pebble along with other presents……shiny colourful ones which you often get when playing in sand..oh what memories…I had completely forgotten about it…this time when i visit my parents i will look for it…wow you do know how to unlock memories…
    hugs for such a beautiful gift…this just brought back so many memories 🙂

    • That is the coolest ever memory of yours Soma. It sounds like a very special kind of tower/puzzle box kind of thing.I want to hear if you find it at your parents house, what is hidden still inside that tower of yours! 🙂 It does really sound like a nice tradition you had with your friends,too.Shiny pebbles exchanged between friends, it is lovely that you all did that! 🙂 Unlocking memories for you is such a wonderful gift to me and touches my heart. Just think, I am writing a simple little post about Autumn’s and my butterfly boxes…It reminded you of a happy possession of yours from days gone by. It makes me smile and feel so happy, it brought good memories for you, Yay! Hugs back to you Soma!! 🙂

      • I just spoke to mom..oh they have it with them..They live so farI live in northern part of India and they live in south….I want to run and hug the wooden tower…it had 5 pieces that needed to be put in proper slot…what a day..thanks and hugs to both 🙂

        • I am so happy to hear your wooden tower is safely with your parents Soma. 🙂 They live farther away from you than I thought. Hopefully you will be reuinted with your wooden tower someday soon. That is exciting news though, that it is still at their house. I can imagine you want to go hug your tower, what a memory! Thanks for sharing the news with us and sending hugs your way, too Soma! 🙂

  2. Wow, our butterfly boxes post unlocked a memory for Soma :)That’s what I love about your blogs, Gabs, they are written so well and touch hearts 🙂 and makes us remember. TF ❤ = TWINS FOREVER

  3. That is awesome, it helped unlock a memory for Soma isn’t it? I just write, but who would guess I would doing good things with some of my posts. I hope I touch hearts and thanks for the support as always Twinnie!! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  4. even i have something like this…though not a box…u can say a bag lol……..I have all my pricely possessions like dry flowers (given by someone) , some old ptcha’s….., flute, chocolate wrappers, bracelets etc inside that bag 🙂 🙂 Nice post…..thanx for reminding olden stuff 🙂

    • That’s OK if you don’t have a puzzle box, but a bag instead! 🙂 Sounds like a lot of good memories and awesome things you have tucked away. Thank you for liking the post and I am happy if it reminded you of your stuff! 🙂

  5. Good post here Gabby, thank for sharing and explaing what it was exactly because I don;t beliieve I ever heard of it and then again I could be wrong. I have to show little lady the butterfly picture she’ll love it. God Bless 🙂

    • Thanks so much PJ and I’m glad you liked this post. 🙂 The puzzle boxes are different and I think everyone needs one. Little Lady loves butterflies, I hope she approves of this one, too. Hopefully you are resting between comments and posts! 🙂 God Bless You, too PJ 🙂

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