What is Your Most Wished For? by Gabby

Most wished for Valentine’s Day Candy, that is! I just have to ask since that day isn’t all that far away now. What candy are you most wanting? What favorite candy other than that heart shaped box is calling your name? Those heart shaped boxes are vey nice…They hold all kind of treasures. So, they really might be among the top favorites, we’ll see. All I do know is that surely everyone must be looking for their favorite candy on that special day!

You may get flowers, you may get some other nice gift or perhaps two…But oh, the call of that chocolate is getting strong! Come on kind readers, is there any of us who doesn’t long for that chocolate? Gifts are nice, flowers are just lovely, too I must agree. But Valentine’s Day without chocolates…Perish that thought right now! Please don’t tell me, are any of you going to pass up that ever so tasty treat? I am worried some of you may just be saying yes! If so, please do share. 🙂

I know I have so many fond memories of my Valentine’s Days, especially when Dave was still alive. That husband of mine sure did pick out some very good chocolates, he really did resort to a heart shaped box of chocolates some years. He had a secret motive, he got to share them with me…All to spare me the calories of course. 😉 I almost always got Dave his favorite Resse Peanut Butter Cups, he simply loved them. We always did exchange cards, too I must add. I know the one year was funny when he found a special Valentine tin in the shape of a heart. He filled it full of my favorite candies…Hershey’s Kisses, Peppermint Patties, M & M’s and a few others. Of course I got nice cards and flowers, too…But the chocolates were the best! 🙂

So, what are you kind readers looking forward to this year? Is it candy? Is it the flowers or another gift? Autumn is hoping for some chocolates in the form of M & M’s or Kit-Kats! I will have to clue her darling man in to that fact, he thought of gifts but wasn’t having his mind on chocolates! I will say no more, No Twinnie, I will not spill any secrets that darling man of yours shared with me! You have to be suprised on Valentines Day after all and you can’t drag that info out of me…You love surprises, remember? 🙂 She really does, too…So nobody has to worry about me spilling the beans!

OK kind readers, it’s your turn! Please do share your most wished for chocolates for Valentine’s Day is. If it really isn’t chocolate, please let us know if it be flowers or anything else. You can share…You are among friends here! My two youngest nephews are my Valentines these days…I am so happy those little boys know my favorite chocolates! 😉 🙂 🙂


Magic Cottage ~ by Autumn

On the edge of the forest there stands

a magic cottage that can

be seen past the wall

by any and all

that need a boost with their magic

and spells

softly you can hear the bells

all who fly though the clouds

they are the ones so proud

of their magic and skills

and not many frills

at the edge of the forest they stop

and fly out the top

into the sky

with hardly a try

It’s a place to recharge

and renew

so next time you see

a burst on the edge

of a magical ledge

you’ll know it’s all fine

time after time

they whirl and spin and glow

you’ll see, and you will know

the magic really does grow …
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Love everyday~ by Autumn

it’s everyday, the love we share

off  we go without a care

we know the way

we gladly say

it’s easy once you try, you’ll know

love does grow

day by day

time after time

a beautiful rhyme

of me and you and you and me

a stronger bond, you’ll rarely see

it’s the magic of “us”

and of course lots of trust

your music is like a dream

I love it, it hardly seems

to take but a while

to make me smile

sing to me

you always see

the love flows and shows

and we both know

we are forever …


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