Magic Cottage ~ by Autumn

On the edge of the forest there stands

a magic cottage that can

be seen past the wall

by any and all

that need a boost with their magic

and spells

softly you can hear the bells

all who fly though the clouds

they are the ones so proud

of their magic and skills

and not many frills

at the edge of the forest they stop

and fly out the top

into the sky

with hardly a try

It’s a place to recharge

and renew

so next time you see

a burst on the edge

of a magical ledge

you’ll know it’s all fine

time after time

they whirl and spin and glow

you’ll see, and you will know

the magic really does grow …
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12 thoughts on “Magic Cottage ~ by Autumn

  1. Its a beautiful poem Autumn specially with valentine so near….But Gabby filled my mind with chocolate i am hoping the magical cottage and the forest are all made of chocolates…yum..
    and look at the image ..doesnt it look like a magical chocolate fruit cake?
    i think i have lost it 😆

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