What Would You Do? by Gabby

It’s another one of my list of endless questions it seems,  and never do  they ever stop! 🙂 Anyway, here’s the question…If you had one day, all to yourself what would you do for fun? It has to be something fun, the only drawback you are stuck at home. So, the answer has to be something you do at home. Just pretend, it either snowed a whole lot, you were feeling not quite up to par and took a sick day off work. In case you live where it doesn’t snow, again just pretend you have a day off…BUT you can’t leave the house! Just think about it, you can’t do work from the office you brought home either! It has to be just for fun, no working allowed and I mean it. 😉

Your kids are in school or your nice spouse took them somewhere for the day. Your spouse is busy with the kids, or off working, so you will be all alone. One other rule, no you can’t chat with friends or anyone on the phone. No texting allowed either!  Why? Well, it is strictly your day! Do you cringe at the idea? Does it make you feel happy? The other rule, no housecleaning and that sort of thing either…After all, it has to be fun!

Can you entertain yourself for 8 hours or so without being bored? What would you be eating…Again, hopefully it’s something fun like takeout or ice cream! Why make it something healthy, it’s your free to indulge in any food whatever your little heart desires. What would I do? Well, probably read for awhile, maybe some computer time, no emailing people allowed during this time by the way. If texting is out so is emailing.

I might pop a DVD I’d been wanting to watch in. After I did reading, computer time and the movie, I would be listening to music. I would get old pictures out and have a stroll down memory lane. I would maybe do my nails and paint those fingernails and toenails some outrageous fun colors, too. For my food… I would order in some Pizza and also have some other snacks and ice cream. Maybe I would make a sundae out of the ice cream to liven it up while I was at it. See, my day is involving no people, no healthy food…Sounds like it was a relaxing day for me! No exercising? Well, maybe a 30 minute pilates, maybe a spin on my exercise bike…Because it’s very relaxing. That’s the exercise limit of the day only 30 minutes, if you hate exercising…You get to skip it all together! Yay for you! That was my whole day off to myself…What are Autumn’s day off plans  you may be wondering?

Here’s what the Twinnie would plan for day all to herself. She would read some or most of that book she hasn’t had time for. She says she would be listening to music, too. She says her food to order in would be takeout Chinese! Mix herself up a milkshake, have some snacks at hand, too. Other than that…the Twinnie says she would go with the flow and make that day to herself count! What about you kind readers? What are you going to do with that day off all to yourself? Please do share, it will be fun to see what you all have planned! 🙂 🙂


14 thoughts on “What Would You Do? by Gabby

  1. 1) Total full-guilt coffee (lots of cream, sugar and flavorings)
    2) Mucking about with blogging
    3) Nap
    4) Internet research new exercise regime for next year
    5) Total full-guilt spaghetti with loads of flavors and cheese
    6) Lemon cake
    7) Read
    8) Movie/craft work
    9) New hair color/makeup application
    10) Personal spa”, prep for bedtime

  2. You never cease to surprise me wonderful fun blog posts…
    ok here goes my list..drum rolls please..a lil bit drama for me drama queen ( :lol:)
    brush up my acceptance speeches for grammy,oscars,noble preace prize and thanks for being on earth award( this one i totaly created for me)
    I always get an oscar for no matter what i do and then in the same ceremony end up having all the others so gotta keep the speech updated…( please dont steal or copy this..i know you guys want to )
    sleep, try out some new diva looks…
    oh man so much to do..
    you are so right about not being healthy i mean who are we fooling…after reading yours and Autumns list i am a bit confused cos i love pizza and chinese..may be i will order both or what ever that days demands 🙂 ,and some muffins from near by store..
    watch some movies if i get some time after all that..

    • I am loving your list Soma! You a drama queen? I never would have guessed…The Twinnies are, too so you are not alone! 😉 What acceptance speeches you will no doubt make, too…Especially for the one “Thanks for being on earth award”, it’s a wonderful one! You do deserve it Soma, so get that speech good and brushed up! Trying out the diva looks, I seriously love that one and so sad I didn’t think of it! 🙂 We Twinnies confused you with our food choices, not us? 😉 You are right Soma, we could have them whatever day we want and not limit ourselves! You have a fun list for sure, not that we ever doubted it! 🙂 🙂

  3. I’m so digging this post Gabby! I would totally catch up on some reading, blogging, listen to some music, order some take out food,work on my My Love Journey, napping! And so much more. I believe I did a lot of sleeping while in the hospital, but shoo its my day off! God Bless 🙂

    • I am happy you are digging this post PJ! 🙂 You have a good list of fun things to do for your day off, you are really into the mood of what I was talking about, Yay! 🙂 I am so wanting to see more of your Love Journey, too and when you are feeling better you will be getting to it, I know. 🙂 Napping in the hospital is just not the same as at home either, it’s a day off that sounds very relaxing and a PJ day! 🙂 God Bless! 🙂

  4. My list for the perfect day
    • Sleep till late.
    • Have a big breakfast (Pancake with lots of maple and whipped cream and lot of berries)
    • Catch up with missed tv series
    • Write a blog and brag aboyt how great I am feeling having a day off 😀
    • Read books and blog
    • Manicure/pedicure
    • Opps didn’t realise its 8 hours already. Kids and hubby are back home
    • Then I woke up 🙂

    • I really love your list, what a wonderful and perfect day off it sounds like, too! 🙂 That was a good way to spend a day off, it was also funny and cute to write a blog to brag about your day off. 🙂 You were having fun and your 8 hours went by fast, loved your breakfast, too! 🙂

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