Love is … by Autumn

It’s patient and kind

love doesn’t mind

because there is always

some kind of rhyme

to find

So be still sometimes

and just think things through

you’ll find you already knew

the answer was there all the time

love will trust

it’s a must

love is true

never blue

love is me and you

love takes time to grow

so let your feelings show

you will know

when the time is right

it’s there, in plain sight

such a delight

love is all that’s true and pure

things you knew for sure

so be patient and kind

and Love, you will be just Β fine …

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12 thoughts on “Love is … by Autumn

  1. I really loved this one a lot, it’s just beautiful and very true. Wonderful writing as always Twinnie. Love is patient, love is kind…Corinthians had to be your inspiration. That and of course the most wonderful and true love you and YDM have found, Yay! πŸ™‚ TF ❀

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