What’s on your desk? by Gabby

It was a passing thought yet again. I seem to have plenty of those thoughts, don’t I? Well, I was looking around my desk. It got me wondering if I had all kinds of interesting things, what does everyone else have on their desk? The nice thing, I have a laptop now as my primary computer. I don’t always have to sit at my desk, I can wander to any room I choose. Yet, I still find myself mostly working from my desk. I also prefer to use a wireless mouse, I know some people do quite well without them, not me my friends!

Anyway, back to my desk…It’s a secretary desk and quite nice as desks go. I love all the kind of little slots and special compartments. They help me look so more organized, my desk doesn’t look too messy. All those nooks and crannies sure do come in very handy!

So, what’s on my desk? In sharing what’s on mine, I hope all of you kind readers might do the same. We can also get the low down on what’s on Autumn’s desk perhaps. That way we all be sharing. My desk is home to a nice lamp, a clock, a couple of candles that smell heavenly and an angel statue (they are all over my home, as are the clocks)! I have a cute little pot …The home of many pens and pencils. A picture of my husband Dave, of course…I glance at it often because memories are comforting and good. I have a spot for envelopes, tablets, stamps and all kinds of those type of things pretty well hidden in all those nice slots. I’m not sure if this is boring, wonder if my desk and it’s treasures are normal?

What do your desks look like? Are you organized, messy or a combination of both? Autumn is calling hers organized chaos, by the way! Her desk is the home of much the same as mine except with a different lamp, no candles and she has a lovely little jade elephant with its trunk pointing upwards. It’s from her darling man, it was very thoughtful of him…He wanted her to have a mascot of sorts! Last but not least, a picture of her darling man because her desk wouldn’t be complete without it! That about wraps up what’s on the Twinnies desks!

Who would like to share what is on theirs? Do you have some interesting or unusual things on your desk?  Come on, you are among friends…You can tell us! Remember, sharing really is fun! Of course inquiring Twinnies as always, would love to hear. 🙂 🙂


16 thoughts on “What’s on your desk? by Gabby

  1. Good post Gabby, and no its not boring! I don’t really have a desk to be honest. I usually do my posting or homework right from my bed to be honest! As you can tell I have laptop as you, so basically I can do it in any room from the house! God Bless 🙂

    Your desk sounds like its better organize then my mom desk. Hers is all hectic! lol

    • Thank you so much PJ, for liking this post and also saying I wasn’t being boring! 🙂 That is so awesome and I do admire you posting and doing homework from your bed. I should try lounging more and posting and all from bed more often, it sounds very relaxing. When I give it a try I’ll let you know how I do! 🙂 Your Mom has a houseful, it probably leaves her little time to keep her desk all tidy or organized maybe. Lol, shame on you PJ telling on your Mom! 😉 🙂 God Bless you, too! 🙂

  2. Oh Gabby you are very organised. ,Both of you have lovely things ….Mine looks like an emergency kit set up …all ready to run just have to take the desk it has almost everything except food and clothes 😆
    laptop,wireless mouse, sketchpens,pencils,Cds,one small album ( when my daughter was 2 yr old and us) a small lip balm and moisturizer( dont ask) its winter and i cant live without my hand cream( secret out)
    diary, small candy box….loads of printed worksheets,childrens books..Gawd it seems I have a lot here. normally I sit where ever Its comfortable but right now was making some worksheets so this dest was right place to be working on…what else ..PSP and some pink clips( Bonita’s)

    • Soma, you have your little family and I think that it’s harder to stay organized. I am by myself, so I can stay pretty well tidy. I had to laugh at your describing it as an emergency kit set up! 🙂 I forgot to mention, I too have my lip balm and hand cream! Hey soul sister, I have that stuff in every room of the house and I am not joking! 🙂 When Dave was still alive, we thankfully each had our own desk! His could get just a bit messy, honest and I left him to it and didn’t try to straighten things out. Bonita’s pink hair clips made me smile. 🙂 Thanks for such an interesting low down on your desk Soma, I enjoyed the tour! 😉 🙂

  3. This is another fun and interesting post, Gabby! You’ll never bore us, so don’t worry about that! Entertaining us is more like it! As to my desk, I’m pretty organized; I don’t like things unorganized, but I’m not a fanatic, either. I have mostly office stuff, a mug that says Mom on it, my computer, oh, but I do have a personalized mouse pad of my hubby, kids and I out on a beach day 2 years ago. It has 15 little photos on it and makes “mousing” more fun! Next to the desk is a little table and I have a lamp on it that is from my Mom. It’s beautiful and I see her each time I turn it on; her light shines ♥…There are family photos right above me on our wall, but the desk is simply just a desk….thanks for sharing, Gabby! ♥

    • Thanks so much Lauren, I do worry about these things and happy to hear your kind words. I will try to stay entertaining I promise, you know I do love sharing! 🙂 I had a feeling you were organized, and like me you are too, but not fanatical about it all which is best. That sounds so cute the personalized mouse pad with the little photos, a wonderful memory of the fun day, the mug with Mom from your kids is so sweet. The family photos are also so good to have nearby, it’s comforting. Your lamp from your Mom, that is the most special…Those memories of her you will keep forever close in your heart. I am sure her light shines very brightly, too. Still keeping you all in my prayers, the loss is fresh and so new. I wish I had better words, but I know it honestly is a process we all need to do our own way. Sending you many hugs!

      • Your words are perfect, Gabby…it’s one day at a time and grieving is different for everyone. I think losing a parent brings us closer to mortality and reality and truthfully, it’s very surreal. It also means that a legacy is coming to an end, when one parent passes, and especially when both. I don’t mean to be morbid, but this is what I’ve thought of and it’s tough and starts the tears, but it’s all a part of life and we’re really trying to focus on all the positive, of which there is an abundance…thanks so much for your support~xx

        • Thanks for saying that Lauren, I always want to have the exact right and good words. I really do agree with you about losing a parent brings us closer to our own mortality. Losing our Dad, that brought so many feelings to Autumn and me and to all of us. It’s not morbid, please don’t worry that it is Lauren, it’s so real and I know the tears just start. It really is one step, one day at a time through this journey. I am glad you are trying to focus on the positives, it does help. I am happy I can be of support to you and will always be here for you my friend. xx

        • I’m glad I wasn’t sounding too morbid; I know you and Autumn have experienced this and know how it feels…I’m also glad you can understand and relate to these feelings…thank you, again, Gabby~ xx

        • I think since Autumn and I have been through this loss we do understand, it’s good we can relate. It doesn’t stop either of us wishing you didn’t have to experience this loss. Sometimes being a grown up really is just awful I do have to say. You are so welcome Lauren and thank you for trusting us to share with. xx

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