A spell or not ? by Autumn

A flash and a dash

but never a crash

when we walk here and there

through the flowers, without a care

do you dare ?

It’s a place that holds so much

the dancing flowers and such

they glimmer with the touch

that’s magic through and through

what else can they do?

walk along and all you see

are lovely flowers, and rarely a bee

the magic weaves it’s spell

as we all can tell

all who wander here

have nothing at all to fear

safe as safe can be

the magic protects, you see

stay awhile and feel the glow

over and over the magic glows …

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13 thoughts on “A spell or not ? by Autumn

    • Yes, you understand all that magic stuff 🙂 hugs and love back to you!! O I forgot, my right eye is now half swelled shut 😦 I look so icky 🙂 I’m not entering that beauty contest after all 😉 lol

      • I’m glad you’re feeling better! My hubby is a little better, finally no fever, but still very wiped out, weak, etc…those high fevers were the worst, though, so slowly on his way to recovery! No, it’s not fun being “down” for so long and not being able to participate in life! Take care and hugs to you, too! xx

        • I do feel better each day, so it’s encouraging to me. I hope the same with your hubby, he had that very high fever and those are awful. You keep an eye on him 🙂 I know you will. lots of hugs back to you !! xx

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