International Twit Award Month?!

I have discovered a rather amusing fact for this month of February! It is too funny not to share, so share it I will. For this month of February is International Twit Award Month…I am not kidding, it really is! What a laugh I got over this when I discovered this one, there is a reason behind it. I have for years called certain type of people I’ve unhappily encountered a twit. It’s the nicest word I could come up with for them and no I don’t say it to anyone’s face. Well, maybe a couple times, but they were asking for it. The word means a silly or annoying person, it’s rather a polite term compared to other words. I know, it’s rather an old fashioned word, but it so perfectly fits! 😉 I just can’t help myself, but if you think about it it’s a lot better word than I coud be using, right?

Imagine my immense surprise to find International Twit  Award Month…You will have no idea how I laughed myself silly! 🙂 I, of course shared the fact with Autumn as soon as I found out. What did the Twinnie have to say? Well, first she laughed nonstop, then got control of herself and said you have to write a post about this one! You gotta love how Autumn always encourages me! 😉 It’s harmless really and I have a perfect set of people to award the Twit Award to! We all don’t really know them, but they hide out in our blog comments section. Thankfully they are filtered out by Akismet, they have wiped out and destroyed well over 2, 000 on the Twinnies blog since September! They must really have some weird attraction for our blog, is all I have to say.

So the Twit Award goes to…(Imagine a drumroll here) all those Spammers out there! Come on, do you have nothing better to do with yourselves? I mean it, seriously? Shame on all of you is what I have to say!! Who is with me kind readers? They are evil and some are downright too disgusting to even have a glance at. Some are advertising something, some are just plain ridiculous, too. I must say that they actually make very little sense. Hey, no offense to you spammers, but how about you leave all of us alone? No, you say? Well, then do kindly take this award…Nobody deserves it more!

You have no acceptance speech planned you say? That’s OK, we weren’t expecting one, but you are the proud recipient of the Twit Award and you can’t give it back either!  And just guess what? If you still persisit in bothering all of us nice bloggers…You will get the Twit Award next Februray, too! Be forewarned Spammers…you heard it here first! What do you kind readers have to say? Come on, please do share your thoughts…Sharing really is fun! The Twit Award has been presented for this month of Februray 2012! 😉 🙂

23 thoughts on “International Twit Award Month?!

  1. That is really funny. I never knew something like this existed.

    Anyway, beware of some people who come to your blog as a normal person at first. Once you add them to pre approved list, then they put all kind of scam on the comments. They are worst than the spammers.

    • I am so glad you thought it was funny, too! 🙂 When I read about the International Twit Award for every February, I had to give it to the spammers! Thanks for the warning about putting the wrong people on the pre approved list, too! Isn’t it scary what people will do, that’s sounds worse than spammers!

  2. Spammers are the best group by far to be given this award. Idiots, all! Someday I’ll send you a link to a post I wrote about spammer experiences through What a bad scene that was!! Great award!

  3. Yup twit is polite 😆
    What a wonderful award…Oh I have to nominate all those who have been spammers here and then those who constantly send me mail trying to make me rich offering me cash n all and those who want i enlarge every thing I have…I love this Award
    but the fact that you have actually called someone that on ther face..Oh man that was so funny
    I have to give you this seal of awesomness. you guys totaly deserve it-

    • Twit is a nicer word than some I could think of! 🙂 It is a wonderful award Soma, who do we know that would ever deserve it more? I know, the spammers you mentioned are just too disgusting! I had to resort to calling a couple somebodys a twit to their face, it’s a long story but trust me the persons did deserve it! Thank you Soma for the Seal of Awesomeness, Autumn and I both love it! 🙂 Many Hugs and Love to you! 🙂

  4. Love the post, sad but true its way much nicer then some words that we all could think of or pop up in our heads! I actually enjoyed reading the post! I know where to come for information like this! Can’t wait to see what month of March bring us! Thank you for shairng! Many Blessings 🙂

    • You loved the post PJ, that makes me happy! I am so glad you liked reading it, I would rather say twit than other words that aren’t so good. Those spammers sure do deserve the Twit Award, those people have to be the worst. I am so on it for holidays and all kind of fun for March, stay tuned. You are welcome, you know how much I love the sharing PJ! 🙂 Many Blessings to you, too and hope you are resting! Keeping you in my prayers to feel much better soon!

      • I know what you mean about the spammers, I’m like serious, nothing better to do. I’m so glad that we don’t have to deal with them. They should be honor to have award dedicated to them every February. I can’t wait to see what you have for us for March! Spring be here soon, YAY! How are you feeling?

        • Lol, the spammers will no doubt be getting the Twit Award next February, too! You are making me laugh so hard about saying how the spammers should be so honored every February to get this award, OMG but you are so funny PJ. Your sense of humor is still blooming even when you aren’t feeling your best. I am so with you on Spring being on the way soon and I agree, Yay! 🙂 I am still not feeling my best, but I think the rain kind of doesn’t help matters. Don’t worry about me, I always seem to get through this stuff PJ. You are such a sweetie for asking, Thank You! 🙂

  5. This is too funny, Gabby, and didn’t know it existed, either! I had some guy comment on many of my posts around the holidays and his comments made no sense regarding the posts. I ignored him, did not respond and he’s been gone for awhile now, thank goodness..It’s just annoying and twit is very kind, to say the least! 🙂

    • I am glad you got a laugh over the Twit Award Lauren. 🙂 That is so creepy about that guy doing odd comments to your posts, yuck! I didn’t notice them, but you probably deleted them. I am happy he went away and it’s good you ignored him because those types love the attention it seems. Twit really is the best word, it’s funny how long I have been calling annoying people a twit. So, I saw this award for the month of February and couldn’t resist writing about it. 🙂

      • You’re right, Gabby, I did trash them and as much as I wanted to reply, it would have only fed him to continue. This was fun, thanks for sharing! 🙂 xx Can’t wait to see what March brings!

        • Yay for you Lauren, trashing the demented comments was best! I know, there is really that part of us that wants to give a reply. We are only human, we want to tell off such a person and tell them to leave us alone. But you are so right it would be feeding into it all, it would have kept it going. I am always so happy to share and the month of March is looking really fun and pretty interesting I must say. 🙂 xx

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