Something Old, Something New…

I was thinking of this little bridal rhyme, a friend’s daughter is getting married in the fall. That’s what got my mind on this rhyme and the whole huge endless planning that is going on with this wedding that I have heard so far. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence for her shoe! Oh my goodness, it really is just a superstious rhyme…Not to the bride she is doing it all by the book! Who will know if she indeed does have a silver sixpence in her shoe I ask you? Well, maybe if she starts to limp a little bit! 😉

Come on kind readers, did any of you ladies have one of those lucky sixpences in your bridal shoe? I know I didn’t, Dave and I had a good laugh over the thought though. Autumn didn’t for her first marriage we won’t speak much of. Well, except to say she didn’t have a lucky silver sixpence in her shoe. When she ties the knot with her darling man she won’t be having any lucky silver sixpence in her shoe. The Twinnie chuckled over the fact actually when saying no to any type of object in her bridal shoe.

Back to the bride who is marrying in the fall… Her plans are really in full bloom, she is in love, he is in love, too. They are just so happy, but everything has to be just perfect…She will make herself sick otherwise! Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be at all disrespectful…But insisting on a silver sixpence for her shoe? I know they can be purchased, I think she already has hers. The garter thing is also up for debate I hear tell, too…The perfect one has not been located yet. I remember finding mine very early, wonder if the perfect one was easier to locate back then? I don’t recall the type of flowers and all of  the bride to be’s choice, but they may need to be flown in from somewhere I heard…For real? The bride is also wearing a strapless gown, so she is working out like crazy on those upper arms. They, too have to be just perfect…But they already look fine, honestly they do. It is so not necessary to be stressing over them…Is she realizing this? Sadly no.

I don’t remember all this frenzy of sorts going on while planning Dave’s and my wedding. It was a happy and joyful time for both of us, we didn’t have a large wedding…Because we chose not to. But it was very nice, it needed quite a few plans, but not like this. Isn’t there a point when people really do get a bit carried away? I am not meaning to rain on anyone’s bridal parade, honest! I just think this wedding is getting just a wee bit over the top…Praying the bride doesn’t turn into one of those dreaded bridezillas, too! It could happen, these things do tend to occur when people get stressed.

I have to ask any of you kind readers who are married…Did any of you have weddings like the one I am describing? Do share, but only if you feel like you want to…I know everyone is different in these matters. Just kind of curious, so is the Twinnie…This has made her happy her someday wedding will be  so much calmer, peaceful and fun to be had by all! 🙂 🙂


18 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New…

  1. Dear Gabby and Autumn, I had a wedding that resembled the one you are describing — it seemed like a large expenditure, and more so now — they could have a simple wedding, save the money, and put a down payment on a house. But if this is what she wants, I’m glad she has the two of you, levelheaded and straightforward — everyone else is going to be mad. My second marriage took place in Colorado, in a field, under a cottonwood tree my husband used to play in. The only prep — H.’s mom made the dress, a summery cotton dress; and we sent the groomsman out early in the morning to clear away as much of the cow poop as they could before we got there. 😎

    • You had a big wedding the first time around Judith, so you know the stress of it all. It’s true, everybody has to do what they feel is best for them in planning their weddings. I think your second wedding sounds wonderful and even though it was more simple and small it turned out nice. Glad the groomsman got things cleaned up, too! 🙂

  2. Oh lovely I got to know more about the weddings you guys had…Mine of course was a Bengali-Indian wedding so different from you guys…But I just love reading wedding stories… silver sixpence coin in shoes…
    all these things make weddings so special 🙂

    • Some of our traditions are very nice I must say Soma! 🙂 I am glad you liked reading wedding stories, too and praying this one all works out for the best. I must say your Bengali-Indian wedding must have been very interesting, too. Someday we’ll have to hear all about it Soma! 🙂

  3. Alan and I had a very simple wedding. Sometimes I wish we had went a little more over board, but money was an issue for us. I have watched some of those wedding planning TV shows. Things can certainly get out of control very quickly!

    • Lori, I’m sure even if it was a simple wedding, you and Alan had a lovely one. 🙂 You two have been married 32 years now, have a big annivesary party one of these times maybe? I haven’t watched any of the wedding planning TV shows, but can imagine how out of control it gets! 🙂

  4. Really does give us all something to think about for the one’s thats not marry or maybe is engage and on the verge of getting married. My thing is as I have seen in the past with doing all this BIG WEDDING, GOD forbide it doesn’t last. I’m not saying hers not, I just hope and pray it doesn’t come down to it. If I ever get marry I would want a small one.

    I actually read this earlier this morning but went back to sleep! Hope you having a lovely day! God Bless 🙂

    • It is something to think about, isn’t it PJ? The big wedding and if it doesn’t work out is always sad, too. I think this marriage will go well and work out happily. I just wish the bride would be more calm and relax, she needs to have fun with all the planning and not be stressed. Why doesn’t that surprise me? I thought if and when you do marry, you would want a more simple wedding PJ. You were awake very early in the morning hours, so I am glad you were able to fall back asleep! You need your rest and I am praying you feel better today, by the way. Sending love and hugs your way and I will be over to your blog soon, I am running kind of behind everything today! God Bless you, too PJ! 🙂

      • I woke up because I was hurting, so I had to take some medicine so I could relax. 😦 Thank You for the prayers. Yea she should be enjoying it, so they can tell there kids about it one day! You behind ha, I’m more beind then your are! Thank you for the prayers, truly means a lot, sending prayers your way with love and hugs! God Bless 🙂

        Good to hear that her marriage will go far, and hope she start to relax soon!

        • Oh no PJ, you woke up because you were hurting. 😦 I hope the medicine helps and you are able to get back to sleep! You are welcome about the prayers, they’ll keep on rollong, too sweetie. I hope the bride gets more relaxed, too she needs to enjoy it all more. I know the marriage will be a good one, just hope she can get relaxed, too! I guess we are both kind of behind on our stuff but we will get caught up sooner or later I hope! Take care and get your rest PJ, sending love and hugs and also a smile! 🙂

    • Your first wedding was a disaster Twinnie, I know…The marriage needs forgotten and put in the past for sure. You and YDM will have a beautiful, wonderful, happy and very calm wedding when you decide to set the date…Hoping it’s soon! 🙂 TF ❤

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  6. Hi Gabby,

    M and I had a small, church wedding of about 100 people, then we had our reception at the Disneyland Hotel (I’m a Disney fanatic), but it was quiet and nice. We didn’t go overboard, because we wanted more simplicity, but beautiful and it was…I agree, sometimes, weddings turn out to be more of a production and they don’t make the marriages work…but, I guess if they’re doable financially, without going into great debt and that is what both bride and groom want, then go for it. Weddings are meant to be celebratory…The “old” that I wore was my Mom’s opal lavaliere necklace (my sisters wore it, too) and it was beautiful. Anyway, thanks for taking me back 23 years! xx

    • Hi Lauren! It sounds like you had such a lovely wedding! 🙂 Reception at the Disneyland Hotel would have been fun, I didn’t know you were a Disney fanatic…But it’s a good thing! Your wedding sound just a little bit bigger than Dave’s and mine. We, too wanted to keep it fairly simple and it worked for us. The financial part is up to everybody to decide if they want to sink tons of money into it! That is so nice and meaningful for you and your sisters to have your Mom’s necklace, too. I am glad you had a trip down memory lane from this post! 🙂 I have been praying your husband is doing better. Hugs your way! 🙂

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