How It All Began…

Once upon a time…Oops, this isn’t a fairytale! I do have to interrupt myself since you all may be wondering just what I am talking about anyway. We all know I tend to digress easily and often. So back to the title…How What All Began? I know this is a kind of belated one to be writing about. But, once again it needs telling, in Autumn’s and my humble opinions anyway…How TF <3=Twins Forever began! Autumn and I are so used to using that expression and also the TF <3, we never question why we do it. By the way, it’s kind of our logo for our blog, too as you can see here. Twins Forever and the picture of those cute little twins. Autumn found that picture and it was just too adorable to pass up, we needed it! It’s something we would have done as very young Twinnies. Hands raised proudly and happily proclaiming…Yes, also loudly, proudly and happily Twins Forever! 🙂 Well, until somebody told us to give it a rest already! 😉

We just do the TF <3…It is a special Twinnie thing, I encourage all twins out there to give it a whirl! It’s easy, just do TF <3= Twins Forever! 🙂 You may find yourself liking it and getting a smile every time you sign things that way! 🙂 Our one and only Twin friend in the blogging world is Sherline. You can find her easily at Sherline’s Whatchu Thinkin’ Blog and also Ramblings of a Creative Mind. Please do check out her blogs, she has lots to offer for some very good reading! Now, Sherline has a twin Sharon and no, sorry those twins don’t blog together…Not yet anyway! 😉 Come on you Twinnies do think about it! I sure hope you didn’t mind having the spotlight on you Sherline, but we needed to give you a special mention and a shout out! 🙂

Anyway…Back to how it all began, well ever since we could talk Autumn and I started saying Twins Forever. We loved sharing the news with everybody, I kid you not. We just so overjoyed to tell anyone and everyone who would listen to us. Be it  family, friends and sometimes innocent strangers, passers-by. Well you get the idea, we just were a tiny bit precocious and we just couldn’t help ourselves. 😉 We always called each other Twinnie (and still do), no coaching on anyone’s part. Guess we liked having our own little personal terms of endearment for each other from the start. When we started writing little notes to each other we would do a TF and a little heart and it just kept on, no matter how old we got to be. As you can clearly see, it has never stopped and it never will either, it just is! 🙂 Our parents loved it and got a chuckle out it from the beginning, so we were blessed that way. They didn’t try to stop us, thank goodness for Dad and Mom. Anyway there you have it, TF <3=Twins Forever has now been explained! Hope you enjoyed this one kind readers. 🙂 🙂


21 thoughts on “How It All Began…

    • Thanks so much PJ for loving this post and also loving the TF ❤ thing! 🙂 I know, wouldn't Russell with a twin be double trouble or double the fun maybe? 🙂 God Bless you, too PJ! 🙂

  1. It so be double trouble, naw it probably be a mixture of both! lol! He may not come back and read our comments about him. you very welcome, its ya’ll signature. Should do tshirt with it on it! Or charm. Just some ideas. ::::)))) Many Blessings

    • I agree it just may be a mixture of both! Lol, poor Russell we are teasing him and he might not even know it! The TF ❤ is our twin signature and what a good idea about a Tshirt or a charm PJ! Very good ideas, too and I will have to make sure to tell Autumn. Many Blessings back to you PJ! 🙂

        • I will definitely let you know what Autumn thinks PJ. She is no doubt sleeping right now, I believe right now she is probably feeling worse than me, too. I started antibiotics sooner, she is a stubborn twinnie and didn’t get started on hers until after me. Lol, I know Russell never came back to comment on your post about your cute little nephew. Oops, I do hope we aren’t getting on his nerves! I am so now wondering if I made it over to his blog lately, too. I do feel kind of behind on comments, reading blogs and all. Please rest and you have to feel better soon PJ!

  2. I too want a twinnie..Damn its too late..
    But I happen to know one of the best and cutest twinnies..yes you guys
    Absolutely love that twinnie image on the blog…they are cute and wave and have a diva look..
    I have a question which one is gabby and which one is Autumn..
    one has a cute lil hat with a rose and nother with a beautiful hair band..tell me tell me pleaaseeeeeeee
    loved reading this post( love all of them but this was definitely special)
    hugs and love to both 🙂

    • I think it is too late for you to have a twinnie Soma! 🙂 That is so sweet of you saying those kind things about us twinnies, too! We have the diva look pretty well mastered, too just like the twinnies in that image. 😉 That is such a good question about which twinnie wears the hats…That would be me! You asked so nicely with that pleaseeeee and all! 🙂 It was so funny when Autumn found the Twins Forever image and the one twin had a hat on, we laughed! Autumn would be the twinnie wearing the headband, she is more subdued that way. She thinks her very long curls will get messed up, well I have long curls and very curly bangs, but it doesn’t matter to me. I must wear my hats now and then! We both loved hats when we were young, my love of them kept up and Autumn’s didn’t. I am so happy you loved this post Soma and Hugs and Love back to you from both of us! 🙂 🙂

  3. Lol about the magic spell…Leave it to the twinnie! 😉 I was really wrong and should have consulted Autumn and her magic first! 🙂 You better be practicing up on your special twinnie handshake! 🙂 Lol!!!! 🙂 This had to be the best one yet, leave it to Autumn whenever we need some magic I say! Her darling man agrees, too, Yay!! 😉 🙂

  4. You both must have so much fun together and It’s great that you have such a close relationship and are twins! Your image is perfect and adorable and I, too, am deciphering which twin is which! 🙂

    • We do have lots of fun together Lauren, we are so blessed! 🙂 Thanks for liking our new imagine of “Twins Forever”, Autumn found it and it really is just perfect for us. The little twin with the hat would be me, I wear hats and Autumn rarely does. She would be the little twin with the headband, she outgrew our childhood love for hats and I never did! 🙂

      • Okay, good to know, you like hats and Autumn doesn’t! You both are just so cute and wonderful people! 🙂 xx

        p.s. I love hats, but with bangs, they don’t always look good. My daughter has beautiful, thick, long blond hair and she loves hats and they look good on her. That was completely irrelevant, but felt like sharing! Ha, ha!

        • Thanks for the kind words Lauren! 🙂 The hat thing for me will always be with me, as long as they look good on me, that is! I always wore hats even with the bangs, I really do march along to the beat of my own drummer! 🙂 Maybe I will get Autumn back into the hats yet! That is so nice to hear about your daughter loving hats, too. I bet she does look wonderful and just lovely, and I do thank you for sharing because sharing is always fun! 🙂

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