Thoughts…I Have Many

Yes I certainly do, I will never be accused of not thinking enough that’s for sure. I know everybody has thoughts, I just seem to have an overabundance. Well, how do I know that is a true fact? There’s not some thought- a- meter that can check you out for that kind of thing. You know what I’m saying kind readers, right?

Anyway, my thoughts…One certain one stuck in my mind earlier. I was thinking of daylight savings time starting here in the United States, it’s on March 11th. I was going over all the clocks and watches I have to change so they can “Spring Ahead” an hour. Setting each and every watch and clock ahead an hour. For an ordinary person, it may just take a short while…Not for me I’m afraid.

In the fall when we did the “Fall Back” thing, setting them back an hour I wrote a post about this. Also telling of my many clocks and watches, which over the years spells out I have a lot of both. I won’t get into all that here, but I kept thinking about the chore of doing it all over again. There’s no escaping the chore, but I was thinking that maybe there was a short cut of sorts to doing this time consuming task. I pondered and I wondered about it…Notice I did not say obsessed! 😉 There is no shortcut, there just isn’t!

I was actually considering maybe giving some of the clocks away, I had to banish that thought very quickly! That’s just not going to happen…Many of the clocks have sentimental meaning. The majority of the clocks and watches, too have memories of Dave attached to them. I thought about that and took my stroll down memory lane. My husband left this earth way too soon, evil cancer and I won’t got into it all many of you kind readers already know. Giving clocks away, not an option…Banish that thought forever is right!!

I just thought about it all realisticaly, I would be cheerful and make it a fun happening, Yay! I will do just that. sometimes thinking does pay off, doesn’t it? I am thinking I may just have a small group of family and friends over to make a party out of it all, it’s a nice thought isn’t it? Well, it was until I told Autumn. That Twinnie laughed herself silly for just way too long! 😉 OK, maybe it was a wacky thought and I have a feeling she just may be right, maybe. Autumn pointed out a very kind fact…Did I really want to draw attention to all my clocks and watches to the family and friends again? Is that ever true, they all do tend to worry about the clock/watch collection. Why have them all over to my house? Each and every room looked at with all the clocks, just not the best idea. Hmm…Autumn has a good point, I think I will celebrate the clock setting ritual all by myself. It’s my final thought on the whole matter…I think.   P.S. Was anyone paying attention to each and every time I said thoughts and thinking? *Counting the last 2 and also the one in the title, it was 17…That’s a lot of thoughts and thinking I do believe! 😉 🙂


14 thoughts on “Thoughts…I Have Many

  1. lol : I am still laughing over no one will ever accuse you of not thinking enough…Oh they wont ever..I think i too have too much going on in the upper part ….
    Gabby I got to tell you you are amazing…you can write on anything and make it so interesting…we sure do have clocks everwhere in fact some rooms have two..God knows why… we just loved one bought it and the another..and then promised that we wont collect anymore….too little time on earth and too many watches…
    Oh If I lived near you or you near where i stay I think we would be celebrating a lot..the unusual holidays and then the spring ahead or fall back..Garfield birthday,Calvin and hobbes day…oh my we would go bankrupt..

    • You are still laughing Soma, what fun! 🙂 I know, nobody could ever accuse either you or me (Autumn, too) of thinking too much. What a sweet thing to say about how I can write on anything and make it interesting, I feel better! It’s always a worry to me of sorts, just writing on anything that pops into my head…There are just too many of those going on, all the time! 😉 OMG you are into collecting clocks, too Soma! That just made my day hearing this…I am not alone, Yay! I must confess some rooms have a bit more than 2, but that’s OK cause I really need 6 in my bedroom! Lol When Dave was alive he was as bad as me with the clocks, too and we enabled each other. 🙂 It would be so much fun if we close to each other, we could make a party our of each and every holiday or non holiday, etc that came to mind! Oh no, never thought of the bankrupt angle with all that partying…Well, we would just be careful! 😉 Thanks for the Let’s Party image, I just love it! Hugs! 🙂

    • Oh no you had to ask! OK, I will give the amount Russell…Last count I had 34 clocks. Just please do remember, some of them are very, very small, Lol! Like that matters, right? 😉 🙂

    • It really is embarassing to admit to owning so many clocks, isn’t it? It will take the usual hour or more, but the clocks are just so awesome! 🙂 Maybe you and YDM will maybe want to help me, it could be fun! 😉 TF ❤

  2. I know, I should be ashamed to admit I have 34 clocks! It’s funny, but if I get started and keep going it maybe will only take me an hour or so. I hope so anyway! Thanks for reading this post PJ and God Bless You, too! 🙂

  3. Oh, Gabby, you have me giggling, too! This was too cute! I didn’t keep track of the “thoughts and thinking” but I’m thinking there’s a lot, so I’ll stay with that thought! Hee,hee! 🙂

    The idea of having a get-together for clock setting is hilarious! But, if you are alone, bake some cookies, play some good music, just have fun, while setting them. I have a lot of watches; I collect them. They’re jewelry to me, not just a “tool.” So, even my kids tell me that I have enough, but there are never enough! 🙂 xx

    • I’m glad to hear my silly post had you giggling and that you liked it. You were doing your share of thinking and having thoughts, too. 🙂 I will definitely be having a good time of it with the clocks getting set, even if I am alone. Thanks for the idea of cookie baking because it’s a very good one. I’m always playing music, so that part is easy! I am with you on the watches, they really are jewelry for sure and it’s nice you collect them, too. Oops, your kids telling you have enough watches, but I know we can never have enough! :)xx

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