March 3rd is a Holiday!

It’s a good one, too and I just need to share the news! It’s “I Want You to be Happy Day”, Β now that is exciting news isn’t it? Of course it’s not marked on the calendar as a real holiday, although I think it should be! Β Just imagine a whole day devoted to wanting others to be happy! πŸ™‚ I am so loving this day already and will be making sure I participate, too. Autumn says she is sure on board about celebrating this day also.

Who doesn’t want to say to everyone they know and love, “I Want You to be Happy”? Or you don’t even have to say it, just make sure everyone you run into or speak with is happy! That’s a nice thought, say it with good vibes if you don’t want to use those exact words. Maybe you are kind of shy and don’t want to blurt it right out. That’s OK, too but just be extra nice and thoughtful instead.It sure couldn’t hurt anything, right? I hope none of you are thinking to yourselves, what a ridiculous holiday…None of you kind readers would think such a thing would you?

Well, if sadly you don’t embrace “I Want You to be Happy Day”, do share your thoughts please. Both of us Twinnies are praying such a thing doesn’t happen, but we are prepared because it really could happen. What if you run into somebody you just plain don’t like? Well, it may just occur…You don’t have to wish them a “I want you to be happy day”. Maybe you could just give them a little smile. It’s worth a try I say, but again I am an optimist…So I will be fully participating! I can’t help myself, either can Autumn…We talked about this day in advance of me writing this post. Let me tell you the Twinnie was just as excited as I was with this news, we are positive it’s a day that will make a difference! πŸ™‚ What do you say kind readers, anybody with us?

Who will be embracing I Want You to be Happy Day? Please do feel free to tell us all about it, we are behind you all the way! I am ending this post now because I am off to wish everyone I encounter an I Want You to be Happy! We Twinnies sure do wish all of you kind readers a very big I Want You to be Happy on this special holiday today…We are saying it with a smile and also a hug! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


I heart you

I really do

heart you

silly saying or not?

give it a thought

and see what you think

it’s just a link

to love, that’s all


and starting

but never parting

the words mean the same

a part of a name

A heart so pure

a love that is sure

call it what you will

love is love, you see

love is you and me

I heart you for sure

my heart will endure

I love you for real

that’s how I feel

silly rhymes

and lots of time

to say that we are

the shining stars

of our very own show …


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