I heart you

I really do

heart you

silly saying or not?

give it a thought

and see what you think

it’s just a link

to love, that’s all


and starting

but never parting

the words mean the same

a part of a name

A heart so pure

a love that is sure

call it what you will

love is love, you see

love is you and me

I heart you for sure

my heart will endure

I love you for real

that’s how I feel

silly rhymes

and lots of time

to say that we are

the shining stars

of our very own show …


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15 thoughts on “I heart you

  1. Autumn I love the image you shared to go with the beautiful poem! You have been picking some good images. I believe with the clouds in the background of any picture is a amazing thing! Hope all is well on your end! God Bless 🙂

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