Messages of Love, Heaven Sent…

I was browsing through this one book of Dave’s, I hadn’t looked at this particular book since he’s been gone. I know, many of you kind readers know I lost my husband Dave to evil cancer. So, I won’t go into details here and this is a happy thing I found…So why make anyone sad?

Anyway, there I was looking through a book of Dave’s and checking out a certain chapter…What is this piece of paper? It was a little note with a poem he had written for me, while reading this book! That is really and truly like a wonderful gift  being handed to me.  I had read and listened to everything he had left for me almost 9 years ago. I still do as a matter of fact, from time to time. He has been in Heaven almost 9 years now.. It will be exactly 9 years on May 30th.

We recorded lots of things and he also left me special notes and some thoughts and feelings, too. But this one was a new discovery for me…Why I hadn’t opened this particular book sooner? Well, because I wasn’t supposed to! It was meant for today…I had been thinking of him, missing Dave today more than the usual. So this message from him…A love message kind of heaven-sent! Wow, Yay and what a blessing…it didn’t make me cry, I smiled and even laughed.

Dave had a wonderful sense of humor and also was always writing cute little notes here and there. Usually I found them quickly, they were usually in plain sight. I did the same thing for him, we were just kind of still romantic and things even after being together all those years. We just didn’t take each for granted, because after all…Love doesn’t do that. Kind of nice, I wish that kind of love for everybody. If you have it, treasure it each and every day remind yourselves how blessed you are. I was blessed in so many ways…it’s why I highly doubt I will ever love again. Nobody will ever come close to Dave and our whole love we shared together.

Strange thing, this divine order of things and I try hard not to question it. I will be meeting up with Dave again on the other side when it’s time and that’s that. What do I do? Many things, try to make the most and best out of my own life…It isn’t the same as it would be if Dave was still physically present of course. My soul mate and I just got separated a bit too early for me, anyway. But time passes by so swiftly, it really does…A thought to ponder  isn’t it? I am not planning to search madly for any more notes, those messages of love. Nope, I have a feeling they will show up just when they are supposed to. 🙂


27 thoughts on “Messages of Love, Heaven Sent…

  1. Thanks Twinnie, this one is written from my heart. I know, I was blessed with Dave’s love and that wonderful sense of humor. I sure loved Dave so much and will always love him. It was so amazing to find another note/message from him! 🙂 TF ❤

  2. Thank you Lauren, it sure was a gift today. There never was a dull moment with Dave, so I shouldn’t have been surprised 🙂 Without a doubt more will show up when the time is right and they are meant to. I just had to share, it was such a beautiful gift today from Dave. 🙂 xx

  3. It was the sweetest of surprises and I sure will treasure it! God does know when we need these messages most and today I sure did. Thanks so much for stopping in Lori, I appreciate it and I do know you are busy. Your once a week blogs are always a welcoming sight! 🙂

  4. mixed feeelings, but happy that you found a surprise note, how wonderful is it if Your Dave knew you have been missing him a lot and tiptoed last night to keep that note in the book…….
    its true Gabby loved ones never leave us..they are always there in form of cool breeze in summer or the sudden warmth we feel in winter, in every thing that makes us happy and much much near when we feel sad..
    love you Gabby and the positive vibrant lovely aura you carry with such beauty

    • What beautiful and sweet words, Soma. 🙂 I know the mixed feelings are so there and I try hard not to dwell on the sad and do keep remembering how wonderful Dave was/is. I love that you said how are loved ones are always around us, I know that for sure and have never doubted it. I can usually always tell when he’s around, pretty sure you know what I mean. I laughed when I read the message I found in the book, and thought the same thing you said… Dave just tiptoed in last night and put it there! He was so incredibly funny and used to just make me laugh so much and often, we loved cracking each other up. That so touched my heart what you said about my aura, you have the same thing going on! Love you, too Soma and thank you for the wonderful hugs and sending hugs your way, too!

  5. A love message from heaven . . . God’s awesomeness! Thank you for sharing Gabby, especially on such a delicate emotion. May you be abundantly filled with His warm embrace.

    • Hey, no worries. It took me ages to get this out and when more taggers started coming, I thought . . . oh-oh, maybe I should get my running shoes on. I think some bloggers have too much time on their hands to be thinking these things up–just saying . . . 😉

      • Thanks for telling me that Sunshine. 🙂 I wish both Autumn had that kind of time on our hands, too! It’s funny, but I know exactly what you’re saying. 😉

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your beloved; for him to pass into the next stage at such a young age is very, very sad. I think the post you wrote is lovely, and I’m so glad you found his note!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words Judith. It really was way too early for Dave to leave this earth, I do miss him every single day. Some days are just more difficult than others. I am so grateful I found this note from him, too. What a blessing it truly was!

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    • Thank you Indira, I know I was very blessed with true love. My husband Dave and I never took each other for granted. That is a big mistake so many people make, I sure wish they didn’t either.

  8. I came across your blog. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer on November 16, 2008. Yes, cancer is evil, very evil. What a great find, a poem from your husband. On Christmas day my dad gave me a box and told me open it later night, alone. He said I could share it with my husband, but it was a gift from him to me that no one else knew about. That night I opened the box and found 5 years worth of letters written by my mom to my dad from their college years. What an incredible gift. I hope you find more little treasures from your husband. Take care, Kathy

    • Kathy, first of all I just wanted to say how very sorry I am for the loss of your Mom. I really appreciate you leaving a comment for me and coming across my twin sister Autumn’s and my blog. It was a most beautiful find, the poem/note from my husband Dave. What a wonderful gift your Dad gave to you, too and to be able to read five years of letters from your Mom to your Dad. That is just amazing, every little or big thing concerning our loved ones who are now in Heaven means so much more. I have a feeling I will be finding more treasures from Dave, when the time is right of course. Thank you so very much for sharing this with me and you take care, too. Gabby

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