Choose love and joy everyday

Choose them everyday

that’s what I say

it’s the best way

love and joy you live

and give

all you can, you see

the loving way to be

joy brings love and hope

why lose the chance?

take a second glance

the one’s you notice that shine

his and mine

are so divine

you get what you give

so live, live, live!!

you’ll reap what you sow

you’ll always know

that you’re on the right track

never look back …


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12 thoughts on “Choose love and joy everyday

  1. What a beautiful message Autumn, yes to both and every day..oh what a wonderful world it would be if you and me and every one around can see what a pleasure it is to choose love and peace and the joy they give
    love the poem its so full of love and hope.. just like Autumn 🙂

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