Before You Leave Your House…

I know, it’s another strange title. I seem to be so noted for those it seems, don’t I? Or maybe you kind readers haven’t noticed any such thing? Or maybe you are so used to seeing my odd titles and really are thinking nothing of it! That would kind of be nice, or maybe they really aren’t all that odd after all. Oh my goodness, but I always can find myself digressing easily. Maybe none of you kind readers noticed that either? But you have, I do it and I am always pointing it out! Anyway, before you leave your house is there anything in particular you do? I don’t mean you make sure the door is locked either! We all do that, right? At least I hope so, if not please do start doing so!

I am talking about the one thing you do upon leaving the house. I don’t want to call it a ritual, that sounds just not right. Kind of too magical, mystical, mysterious…Let’s leave that to Autumn who writes those beautiful poems of magic and all, OK? I was leaving my house today and this thought just popped into my head.

Surely I’m not the only one who has thing to check or do before they leave their house. You know one of those quirks we do, by routine? Quirk is a fun word, we’ll go with that one… Everybody has them, I just know it! Wouldn’t it too strange if it was case that nobody has these quirks? No, it just can’t be!  Well, I know someone else who has the one thing they must make sure of before heading out the door. Yes, that other person would be Autumn. It’s not just a Twinnie thing, I just know you all have some little quirk! 🙂

If I fess up and then tell on the Twinnie with her permission of course, will you all share your quirk? I sure hope so, I really don’t want it to be only the Twinnies sharing. OK, here goes with my “must do” before I leave the house. Nobody needs to laugh either…Well, unless you can’t control yourself! I have a fairly large angel in my entryway…I have to check on my angel before I open my door to go outside. It does sound strange, but it has to be positioned “just so”. Oh no, do I detect laughter? It’s OK, when typing this out it does sound kind of nutty! Oh well, we all need our quirks is my theory. The reason I do this? It started before I lost my little 17 year old siamese cat Sapphire. I used to check on her before I left the house, so the angel has replaced that. I am not able to find it in my heart to replace Sapphire  just yet and I will know when the time is right. It wasn’t that awfully long ago, I am still grieving her loss. So, in the meantime I check the angel…Am I sounding a bit neurotic yet?

Which leads me to Autumn’s quirk, her two kitties Cassie and Shadow are still thankfully living, and yes she checks them. She has to make sure neither of them has got into a closet or another not good place…I know the feeling well. So maybe the Twinnie’s quirk  is more normal? Who’s to say, what is normal anyway is my other thought? Well, kind readers, any of you feel like sharing? I sure would appreciate it, Autumn is curious, too and sharing really is fun! Come on, it will be fun…Join in! 🙂 🙂

Love Rocks

It really does rock and roll

never taking a toll

Happiness works

and will not hurt

Love so true

I love you

a heart so strong

together we belong

take my hand, as we go

we truly know

the way for sure

our love is pure

Did you ever have a clue

we’d say I do?

love rocks the land

take a stand

and believe in love forevermore

We do, believe us, it’s not a bore …


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