Very Inspiring Blogger Award

We want to thank Dolly so much for this award!!! What a nice surprise 🙂 Thank you!!!!!

Seven Things about Us :

Favorite colors :  Autumn -blue,  Gabby-green

fave drinks: Autumn – chai tea, Gabby-coffee

We both love music

we’re Capricorns

we’re animal activists

we love cooking

we each have dream catchers above our beds

We nominate these people:


Panic Day is Here, or Is It? March 9th

Oh no, I don’t like to be the bearer of bad or freaky news…But today, March 9th is Panic Day! Why am I telling you this you may be wondering? Well, just in case you have a sudden need to panic…Go for it! Because your day is here. 😉 I am kidding, honestly I am. I know this is a rather odd holiday, thankfully not celebrated on the calendar. It is again one of those bizarre and unusual holidays…Wonder who made up this one? I am sure someday with a good sense of humor made this one up. That’s what  am thinking… It’s all in good fun, not to be taken at all seriously. Which is a relief, who wants to panic over anything, right? Still, I am just not altogether on board with this Panic Day concept. I have a wonderfully awesome idea! I say we turn it into Let’s Not Panic Day, we can do it…It will be our little secret. 😉 🙂

I say we do it, let’s not go along with thoughts of panic, so bad vibey and so not healthy or at all happy! That just won’t do in the world of Gabby and Autumn…Where all is calm, peaceful and as joyful as possible. We weave magic on this blog…So get lost Panic, we Twinnies have forever banished you! In declaring it banished, it is done…Autumn had to call in some of her magic helpers. It was touch and go there for awhile, but Yay the helpers did it! Yes kind readers, it really is done…Forevermore March 9th will be “Let’s Not Panic Day”! Take that you people who make up such dreadful and miserable so called holidays…The magic has bested you! It is good and loving magic kind readers…”Let’s Not Panic Day” is here! Now, let’s all go out there today and smile, be glowing with good vibes and have a simply wonderful day!! 🙂 🙂

A Little Fairy Learns

She learns a spell

so very well

she’s just begun

the magic fun

yet she weaves,

and leaves

no doubt at all

she’s not a little doll !

She’s a little girl fairy so small

not too tall

at all

she learns as she goes

and her magic grows

she loves the flowers all in pink

she tries so hard to think

can she change them to blue?

hmmmm, she knows it’s true

any color she can wish to

that’s just what she’ll do

a touch of her magic wand

and each flower is a new brand

She giggles as she goes

her magic is growing, she just knows!


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