Is Silence Really Golden?

I know, what a title isn’t it? Once again pondering and wondering…Where does it take me? Well, I was reading something and the phrase “Silence is Golden” caught my eye. What if silence isn’t really golden, it could be silver perhaps. “Silence is Silver” has a rather nice ring to it, at least I think it does. 😉

How about any other shade in the vast rainbow of colors we could choose from? Silence is Violet, Silence is Teal, Silence is maybe Ruby Red? Think of a box of crayolas….What color would you paint silence to be?  Just a passing thought of sorts, you know how you get those thoughts? Or maybe you don’t, after all we really all are different. I’ve been told I can be really different…Hmm wonder if that was an insult or compliment? 😉

I know where the phrase originated, at least I believe I do. It was in the 18th century by Thomas Carlyle… That isn’t really the point though. Either is the point that the phrase means “It’s better to keep silent rather than say something you may regret”. I was thinking of colors and silence, sometimes my mind really does work in its own mysterious way. I had another thought about how when it’s noisy all around you and silence is so welcomed. Shut out those loud, intrusive people and all so you can think!

Silence isn’t golden when it’s bottled up inside…Lyrics from a song that I can’t recall who sang. But that is another thought, it’s not good to keep silent and have it bottled up and destroying your well-being. I guess I never have to worry about that one, I really do rather speak my mind more often than not. See what I mean about this phrase and what I’m saying? It can bring all kind of things to mind, can’t it? Look how only 3 words I read have me pondering and wondering like crazy. Wow, enough to write a post about it even! A mere little 3 words…Silence is Golden, look how you can play around with words and phrases! 🙂

Try doing that with a phrase, it’s fun and worth giving it a whirl, isn’t it? Please do share your thoughts and all if you so choose to…Sharing is fun! 🙂 🙂


10 thoughts on “Is Silence Really Golden?

  1. Hello Gabby!
    Well,silence to me can’t be golden.Must be much more like a feather:soft.
    I like silence when I want to sleep.I need the silence when I have to think very deep about an important matter and I like silence when I want to hear the nice and wonderful voice of someone telling me something I whish,magic and so important words to my ears and my soul,like a soft feather…

    • Thank you for stopping by and reading this post Lynn. 🙂 Your answer what silence is to you is just wonderful. What a lovely thing it is to compare silence to a feather. It’s so very interesting and thank you for giving your thoughts on silence, I enjoyed hearing them and sure others will, too! 🙂

  2. oh i so love reading your thoughts,full of fun and wisdom..
    i think silence is platinum if you control you tongue in the right time and
    silence is violence if you see something wrong and let it happen…
    having said that we all need some silent time in our daily life where we can listen to our inner voice and in those moments silence is rose 🙂
    Gabby you definitely desereve an award for covering so many interesting topics

  3. I so totally loved your colors of silence Soma, both the platinum and the rose. That was also wonderful that silence is violence. It really is if we don’t speak up about it, I agree! That made me smile about you loved reading my thoughts…Full of fun and wisdom, Thank you! I am so honored by the Tony Tiger thinks our blog rocks award…Wow, he is one cool dude! 🙂 I will keep writing many different topics because of how my brain works, I promise! 🙂 Love and Hugs! 🙂

    • Thanks for loving the post PJ, that means a lot to me that you liked it. 🙂 I always love sharing as you know and will keep doing so. It sure gives everyone something to think about, in a good way I hope! 🙂 God Bless You, too PJ! 🙂 Hugs!

  4. Silence seems a rare event especially when out and about in the public these days…I mean, when you go to the library silence is outdated! I think silence is very precious, like gold or perhaps a fine diamond. Thanks for the thought food. 🙂

    • I know silence is very rare out and about in the public, that is so very true. I loved the way you described silence Sunshine, it was well said. You are most welcome for the thought food, sometimes it’s good to ponder and wonder. 🙂

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