The Pretty little girl Fairy

This poem is for a special little girl, named Bonita 🙂 She is our friend Soma’s daughter.

A little girl fairy sits and thinks

which color shall she choose, purple or pink ?

her magic grows

and she knows

that her wings are so nice

she looked at them twice!

she likes to wear a little crown

and twirl all around

and giggles as she lands on the ground

she’s cute as can be

wonder if she can fly down from that tree?

she loves to send hugs and smiles

to all her friends across the miles …


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19 thoughts on “The Pretty little girl Fairy

  1. This is a wonderful poem Twinnie and I have a feeling Bonita will just love it, too! 🙂 Beautiful writing as always, but no surprise there! 🙂 PJ was sure right, the image is beautiful of the little fairy, I simply adore it! 🙂 TF ❤

  2. Oh Autumn you have made Bonita feel so special. she has been beeming with pride since yesterday..that someone wrote a poem on her.
    can’t thank you enough. she has very few people in her life who understand her and not make fun of her or ridicule her
    and in this world where a lot of people don’t send their kids to play with her cos she is are a real angel.
    thanks Autumn for making her day so beautiful.

    • I’m just so happy that I could make Bonita feel special and she is just a little darling 🙂 she needed something to make her feel special. That means so much to me, I just can’t express. I send much love and hugs and smiles to you both! Thanks for the Angel hugs 🙂

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