Celebrated Foods for March

What an interesting month of foods March turned out to be! Wait until you all see, all of the 5 Celebrated Foods are good, as well as the 3 who made it under the category National Foods of the month. Eight of them again for this month in all, see which of your favorites made the list! 🙂

First off, for the National Foods of the month we have Peanuts, Noodles and Frozen foods…I can’t find anything negative to say about them. Not that I aim to do that with these foods of the month. I am just having a good time bringing you kind readers each and every foods for the month we are in. Hopefully everyone does kind of enjoy them, too. 🙂 Actually in running the list by Autumn, she was impressed with this months foods. First off Peanuts in any form are wonderful and both of us Twinnies love Peanut Butter also. Chocolate covered peanuts, too! How many of you are with us? Do let us know please. We Twinnies love hearing your opinions as always. Next are the Noodles, again nothing bad to say about those either, Yay! I do love this because positives are better than negatives, right?

Frozen foods, not bad at all and they sure come in handy when you can’t find things fresh. The frozen fruits and veggies do come in very handy. Much better than anything canned I really must say. On we go to the Celebrated Foods of the month, everybody ready?

1. Bell Peppers 2.Broccoli  3.Leeks  4.Green Onions  5.Exotic Winter Fruit…What is everybody thinking about these?

Please do feel free to share any and all thoughts, because sharing is quite fun! 🙂 The Twinnie and me like them all, so no complaints will be heard from us this month. What a surprise I know! 😉 All of the them are tasty, broccoli especially is one of both Autumn’s and my favorites. Bell Peppers so well used in recipes chopped up or even stuffed. Lots of uses for them, also the same goes for leeks and green onions.

The exotic fruit…Well, that was kind of a tough one since we Twinnies have only tried a few of the 6 exotic fruits named. Oh yeah, now would be the time to name those exotic fruits, wouldn’t it be? Tamarillo, Feijoa, Red Bananas, Guava, Kiwano Melon, Papaya….How many of these have any of you tried? Don’t worry, you are not alone if you have only tried a couple of these. Autumn and I love the Papayas, Guava and also we have tried the Red Bananas. The other 3 we have never tried…We both think it’s time to search them out and give them a try! 🙂 I guess it really does depend on what part of the country we live in how easy they are to locate. It’s a fun thought for a project…We Twinnies will explore exotic fruits together!

Well, there you have it kind readers…The month of March Foods is accounted for! Hope you had fun reading this and once again next month I will be bringing you the month of April Foods…Something to look forward to I hope! 🙂 🙂


Where the Fairy lives

So very tiny and small

fairies aren’t tall at all

so it’s a perfect fit

look how pretty it’s lit

everything is pocket-size

no surprise

a fairy so sure

her magic is pure

time to turn and look

at the little house by the flowing brook

a fairy lives there

with not one care

she flies around

the magic grounds

see how high she goes

she wiggles her toes

swooping in for a landing, she is home …


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