Where the Fairy lives

So very tiny and small

fairies aren’t tall at all

so it’s a perfect fit

look how pretty it’s lit

everything is pocket-size

no surprise

a fairy so sure

her magic is pure

time to turn and look

at the little house by the flowing brook

a fairy lives there

with not one care

she flies around

the magic grounds

see how high she goes

she wiggles her toes

swooping in for a landing, she is home …


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16 thoughts on “Where the Fairy lives

  1. Autumn, love the poem btw. Makes me think of the movie Twinkle Bell, I have seen it enough with my little lady. I have to admit, I so love anything to do with Fairies. Poems, movies, t.v shows. I love to get little lady anything to do with them as well! God Bless 🙂

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