If You Could Make One Wish…

What would it be? One wish that’s all you get, we can’t be greedy! Let’s just say some nice Fairy Godmother wanders in and says she will grant each and everyone of us one wish. Wow, what to wish for and it has to really count, too…Only one wish that’s all we each get. I got this idea for a post while chatting with Autumn about magical things. It only takes one thought and I am off and writing, plus the Twinnie thought it was a fun idea. After all, we do have a lot of happiness, magic and just plain good vibes rolling on our blog here. So, why not a post about wishes?

One or two stipulations…Not anything of evil is allowed, or wanting to do away with anyone. It has to be of the good kind of wish only type of wish kind readers. No wishing for anyoone’s demise or bad fortune…It isn’t going to happen and you will lose your wish for sure. The Fairy Godmother will be very upset, she may even bop you over the head with her magic wand! So, be forewarned and play nice…I hear tell the Fairy Godmother can just get a tiny bit testy.

Rumor has it she does have a temper of sorts, even though she is of the “Good Fairy” variety.  I for one am being very careful because I want my wish to count! I will go first in telling my wish and then we will hear Autumn’s wish. I love this free wish idea, I really am anxious to hear any of you kind reader’s wish…So please do get ready to share! OK, my wish is for as much sadness, despair, fear, loneliness, anger, and that sort of thing to be done away with. Knowing the Fairy Godmother can only do a certain amount with my wish and cover only as many people as she’s permitted…I still want that as my wish! Yay, she is on it and Thank You Fairy Godmother!

Now for Autumn’s wish…She has a simply wonderful one, too! Autumn just wished for all the animals suffering, abuse, unfair treatment, etc. to be ended! I love it and the Fairy Godmother is getting on this immediately, too…Another Yay! Our wishes are from our hearts and the Twinnies had to make the best wish each for sad things and happenings to be brought to a halt. Now, we are waiting to hear about your wishes kind readers…Do share!

Do go with the first thought and wish that comes to mind, if it’s a wish for a million dollars for yourself just wish your hardest! Hmm…I guess you all better be prepared for one thing I forgot to mention. Oops, how did that happen? This particular Fairy Godmother does kind of favor the more unselfish type of wish…So good luck to everyone and wait and see what happens when you make your wish! 🙂 🙂


24 thoughts on “If You Could Make One Wish…

  1. Well this sounds kinda like one of those selfish ones you were warning us about, but I am certain that my Fairy Godmother KNOWS exactly why this is so important. My wish is that one day, my granddaughter Anna Claire will know me. Will think of me as her North Star. Trust me dear Godmother, if this wish were to be granted, future generations from a fragmented family will begin to heal. Weave their lives with the love I will shower, like magic glitter upon this dear, and for now, unknown to me, child.

  2. Oh loved your wishes….i want all autistic and challenged kids to be independent and self sufficiant before something happens to their parents and i want every kid to have parents.
    oh fairy godmother please 🙂

    • I am glad you loved Autumn’s and my wishes Soma! 🙂 I also love your wish so much, a very good one and so unselfish. With that said, I will echo your wishes to the Fairy Godmother…Oh please let it be so! 🙂

  3. I would wish to see my dreams come true and for all my loved ones to have long and happy lives. 🙂 🙂

  4. Lovely post and question, Gabby, and I would wish that we all could get along, accepting differences, simply respecting each other. This ties in with other comments already. Do you remember watching beauty pageants where the contestants answers to what they strive for is “world peace?” It used to sound so phony, but truly, that would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Lets all get along; united as one on this planet! Of course, I can think of other wishes, too, maybe more personal, but this one comes to mind…I’m playing catch up, so sorry for the delay! xo

    • Thanks for liking this post and I love your wish Lauren! 🙂 I know what you’re saying, the wanting world peace did used to sound phony with those beauty contestants. But now it sounds like it would be a wonderful happening, I agree with you. Wow, wouldn’t everyone being united on this planet be just so amazing indeed! 🙂 Don’t worry about the delay Lauren, I really do understand and I get behind myself, too. We have busy lives and I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment whenever possible! 🙂 xo

      • Of course, I’ll take the time, but it would be nice if I could quit my job and blog full-time, and the house would be self-cleaning and the laundry would take care of itself, too! Oh, the wishes! 🙂

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