Shadows Dance

Our shadows dance along the wall

as the music calls

what a lovely dance

part of our romance

the moon joins in

to watch us spin

shining bright

what a night

the music soars above

an echo of our love

life can be such fun, you know

just also keep your mind open to grow

each day is a new chance

and a new dance

so make is count and live

and never give

less than your best

sort of a test

but reach for the stars

maybe ever mars

you never know, it’s time to fly

you never know until you try …


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19 thoughts on “Shadows Dance

  1. Great dancing is like stepping on currents of wind. The wind will determine your direction. Here’s to Martha Graham. I’m a romantic at heart. I feel colors and I see music. Always Marc Marrs.

  2. Oh I loved the dance on the moon…and what a wonderful message sure are a queen of lovely magical poems
    hug n love 🙂

    P.S hey am waitiing for my twin,how long is it going to take, i keep my doors open, have been robbed twice..

    • Thanks for loving the dance on the moon 🙂 I feel honored to be the queen of magical poems 🙂 OMG, robbed twice? hmmmm, I’ll try to get moving along on getting you a twin 😉 love and hugs

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