The Last Two Unicorns

Another tale of magic and love so true

the unicorns danced

and pranced

and took a chance

the last two,

the very last unicorn pair and they knew

that once they were safe and sound

the magic would protect them and surround

them with safety and hope so strong

so they went to the place that they belong

with the fairies and all the rest

their safety had been put to the test

now they live free

and are happy as can be

in the land of the magic folk

so many have now awoke

to the magic that weaves

and believes

that these last two unicorns are here to stay

for many a day …


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35 thoughts on “The Last Two Unicorns

  1. In that magic place
    of Starry nights and sunshine days
    the Unicorns happily free
    The place they were meant to be

    Beautiful write Autumn.. and you do find awesome pics to go with all the poems

      • Did you like Rainbow Mars? It was meant to be derivative, but somehow I thought it lacked something. Energy, I think. He worked so hard to tie all the different Martian cultures and narratives together, the combined mass of them suffered from a sort of inertia. The story just laid there, lifeless. It didn’t go anywhere. Grand in scope (the beanstalk), but compared to the bright shining shooting stars of the Svetz shorts, the novel’s story was dull.

        • I really do agree with what you said. I read the book ages ago, and there is some good in there. It does lack Energy!I also think the book is difficult to follow, or that was just me?

        • No no, it was painfully convoluted. And I was annoyed that we only saw the artifacts of some Martians (the silver lava stoves) and not the Martians themselves. He said it was because they were too powerful. Fine, whatever. It’s his book, he can do what he wants. But you have to be careful when you’re being derivative, you must be consistent. This is why I find historical fiction annoying. If A happened, then logically B would happen, which leads to C, but the authors always stop at B. Argh.

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