Another Strange Meeting With a Neighbor…

I really have to start off by saying I do have mostly nice neighbors. The bad news is I seriously worry about some of their habits and thoughts and all though. I already reported about the neighbor Mrs Y who kind of likes to offer unwanted advice. She is probably good at heart, but sadly just a tad too in people’s business. Well, you know what I’m saying and I really do look for the total best in people. Thanks again kind readers for your input about Mrs Y! My lastest  meeting up for a short chat with a neighbor…Well, brace yourselves is all I can say. I was getting home about 11pm or so last night, my next door  neighbor is out on his front lawn. I know, sounds OK so far, right? The wacky part, he was shirtless and shoeless…Thankfully he had on a pair of jeans! If not, I would have  thought he lost his senses as he offended mine. It was bad enough the temperature was hovering at about 38-40 degrees, plus it was very windy, making it feel colder! Come on, who is only dressed in only in a pair of jeans at that temperature? What about shoes, what about a shirt?

He also never gets sick as he has informed me on several occassions. Yes, I was stupid enough to ask when I first saw him coatless in the winter. Well, there I was kind of bundled up… I had a long coat on. Also please keep in mind …Under my coat I had on a sweater and jeans. Oh yeah, I had a pair of boots on…In case anyone was wondering.

It is still winter feeling here in PA, at least in the evenings. Which has most people dressing still winter appropriate. Especially during the evening hours, during the daytime it’s gotten fairly warm on some of these days recently. Spring may be on the way, but it’s not here quite yet!  Anyway, this neighbor felt the need to explain what he was doing and turns out he was looking for his newspaper. He went on to complain about the newspaper carrier and then asked if I was dressed warm enough. You know, making light of his under-dressed state, like he was normal and I was a bit off. Anyway, it was a maybe 5 minute or less chat and I escaped…I was getting colder just looking at him.

The other thing was as I have stated before in my other “neighbor post”, I really do try to get along with neighbors. But kind readers I have to ask you all…Do any of you have a neighbor who goes shirtless and shoeless in the winter? I have a good feeling the answer will be no. Even if you live in a warm climate doesn’t it make you think it’s really rather odd, come on be honest now. No shirt no shoes in the winter?!

That is my latest encounter with a neighbor, hopefully my next one will be a better one! On that note, I am off to to turn up my heat and make a warm cup of tea! 🙂