International Goof-Off Day is Here!

I know, it’s another unusual holiday of sorts and of course not marked on the calendar. Hopefully you all aren’t getting tired of these. I just need to say, come on kind readers…This one is just too good not to be sharing! We have a whole day devoted to goofing off, who can resist? I know it won’t be me, not Autumn either! The Twinnie was happy to hear about such an awesome holiday.
International Goof Off Day is here and let’s embrace the day for all it’s worth. Laze around, go do fun things, hang out doing whatever you please and go for the gusto! But I forgot, it falls on a Thursday…Some of us may just have to work?!  Oops, I guess we all may have to call in sick for work. Well, maybe that is carrying the day of goofing off a bit too far? After all, nobody wants to lose their jobs. I have a good idea, let’s just kind of do some goofing off  at our jobs! Come on, nobody needs to know or better yet get the others to join in! Yeah, there you go…entice each and every one of them to just slack off, goof off and have an easy day of it. I am kidding of course, no reason to put the jobs in jeopardy!
Just have plenty of fun when you get home, relax and goof off to your heart’s content I say! I plan to do just that, who is with me? Autumn is of course, she is also plotting how she can perhaps happen to be sick on International Goof Off Day.
Well, we’ll just see how that works out…Will the Twinnie get the day off, or won’t she? She’s full of magic and all sorts of tricks after all…Hey maybe I will ask Autumn to see what she can do for all of us! With all those magic helpers and her own special touch, well you just never know, right? Yay! I have a very good feeling and some good vibes about it all! International Goof Off Day only happens once a year and let’s do make the most and best of it, we need this! Celebrate good times, come on!! 😉 🙂

The Beach

Laughter on the beach

well within our reach

as we run along the sand

hand in hand

stopping here and there

without even a care

the sun sets

we almost forget

to turn and see the birds flying so high

against the lovely sky

the beach is where we love to be

so many sights to see

wave after wave at night

it’s a magical sight

here is where we learned our love was true

on the beach is where we say I do …


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