My Dreams are Alive…

This is another one dedicated to my dreaming. I should clarify, I mean the dreams I have while sleeping. Of course I have daydreams and also the kind of dream we have about goals, life and all. Another title that needed explanation, seems I could be getting very well-known for strange titles alone! Well, it seems sometimes my dreams are so alive with Dave. Yes, that would be my late husband that I’ve written many other posts about. Evil cancer stepped in way to soon, but the divine order of things shouldn’t be questioned. Well we can question it but it really is how it’s supposed to have happened. Another thing, it can’t be changed…So acceptance is also good.

I can’t help myself, the writing about Dave I mean. These dreams and happenings they all really do have messages and meanings. I hope in sharing that somebody will perhaps take something positive, insightful and all from these posts. I don’t write about Dave to be sad, or to try to make others sad and I truly mean that with all my heart. Like the  post I wrote in the last week or so about how I found the note/poem/message in one of Dave’s books. That was so much a real amazing find…But I was supposed to find it at that time.

I feel I am very blessed to have the amount of dreams about Dave that I do get. I love that we are having these wonderful and just amazing good chats, one of those was last night. Some people tell me they never dream of loved ones on the other side or Heaven, I seriously thought everyone did. Turns out some of my family and friends don’t get these dreams. So I just have to ask… Do any of you? Well, kind readers… anyone want to give that question some thought? I know, it is personal but my curiosity is working overtime about this matter. So forgive me if that question is too much.

Anyway, back to my latest Dave dream I will go! We talked of how I am coming along in life, how we missed each other and the being together here on earth. He sang me songs, strumming his guitar as always and I sang along with some of the songs. We had a fun time dancing, too… A piano with a piano player appeared just for us! Then, Dave and I had a nice walk along a beach, his hand was so strong in mine. We chatted about this and that, it was so beautiful and it felt very real. I remember saying to Dave I didn’t want to go back, because he told me it was time for me to wake up. Well, we said our goodbyes and wake up I did. I felt well rested, too but my memories of that dream stayed with me all day…I just felt happy all day long. There was a gentle calmness about my day, it’s hard to explain or put into words. It’s how it always is when I have the dreams of Dave.

I have to ask you kind readers the same thing I keep asking myself…Are they “just dreams” or are they real? I think they are real, that some nights I fall asleep and wander off with Dave. Maybe it’s what happens in cases like ours and I really am very blessed.


10 thoughts on “My Dreams are Alive…

  1. I’m so happy you feel they are real, too and not “just dreams” Twinnie! 🙂 Thanks for loving this post and being so supportive. Wondering if any kind readers will like it…Guess we’ll see! 🙂 TF ❤

  2. You know what Gabby they say that when we are in deep sleep our soul does travel….
    and you are so positive about Dave..i am sure in your dreams you and Dave meet, he takes out time and comes down just to meet you and cheer up your dreams too…
    that is why you keeep finding things like the note.
    yours and Daves bond is so strong and so lovely
    it really warms my heart whenever i read about you and him
    this is definitely more than a dream 🙂
    hugs and love 🙂

  3. Hi, Gabby. First, to answer your question, whether dreams are factually alive, as in a ghost in your room with whom you talk, I couldn’t begin to say. But if Dave feels alive in these dreams, try just believing his spirit is still in you and with you. How you feel is all that matters.

    As far as dreaming, in the last year my dreams are suddenly so vivid that when I wake, I think I’m still in the dream. I have done such crazy things as run to knock on doors and wake people because I dreamt I heard the fire alarm so clearly that I believed it had really happened!

    • Hi Judith! Thanks for your input and saying that how I feel is all that matters. I have my own thoughts on this one that’s for sure. Dave’s spirit is surely around me from time to time, which I am so blessed with and also the dreams. That is something good to have vivid dreams I think, but just so people are nice to you if you knock on their doors! 🙂

  4. I had heard about our souls traveling when we were in deep sleep Soma, I am so glad to have you mention it. So many really don’t believe this of course, or maybe it scares them. Thank you so much for your positive thoughts about it being real and you are so right definitely more than just a dream. I know, Dave and I with the strong bond…that is so true! 🙂 That is so sweet of you to say Soma, that it warms your heart to read about us. 🙂 I am always wishing everyone would get that same feeling, too! Hugs and Love right back to you! 🙂

  5. Your post is so full of love and positivity and not at all depressing. Your love for Dave is so strong and true ,he is with you always. You are really blessed.

    • Thank you for the kind words Indira, I am so happy you can see the love and positivity. I know my love is strong and true for Dave, I am so very blessed. I am so glad you know he’s always with me, too. 🙂

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